Eyes of E'veria

Eyes of E'veria

Eyes of E'veria Series by Serena Chase

The Ryn by Serena Chase
The Remedy by Serena Chase
The Seahorse Legacy by Serena Chase

The Ryn

It has been almost two years since I have read this story. I picked it up again because it's a wonderful story, I wanted something light to read and I have the third book!

What I wrote about the book before: "What I liked about Rose is that she had a personality that was extremely strong right from the start where she steals a horse and through till the end. Unlike most heroines in her type of situation, she didn't whine or complain or act immature. It was refreshing to watch her grow. She starts off young at 12 and we end when she is 19."

That is still true to today. I'd like to add that the story reminds me of the casual way C.S .Lewis also discussed God in his books. While I do not believe in God, people are obsessed with religion and it is amazing how it affects culture. You can see this effect greatly in the books. It's written in a way that doesn't bother you. I find the baptism symbolism in the book very interesting and rather silly. Interesting because of the way it is described and the creatures. Silly because of what it means.

Julien is still my favorite character, Cazien is a close second as for male characters. But Erielle is my favorite female!

The Remedy

Book two picks right up for book one left off. It ends on a brilliant note and you have to wonder why there's a third book. My hope is that it continues Erielle and Cazien story line because that would be brilliant.

But as for Rose/Rynnai and Julian their story is complete. Complete with a jealousy scene where each over come fears of the other being tempted. I like that this story was not a love story and it wasn't insta-love. It was a slow growth and the characters fell in love and grow together.

I like that while the parents aren't there fully, they are still parents who love and want the best for their child.

V-necks are a big description of dresses in this book. I'm not sure I would want a matching v in the front and back. But if one doesn't have boobs it might work.

I love that the little glowing creatures make a return. It's sad Risson died but only one of the party is pretty good. I hope the crazy thief comes back in book three and is united with his son. I am not sure if I like the idea of the king having a more heavy hand in the province but it's probably necessary die to the war that happened there.

The Seahorse Legacy

This one picked up exactly where I wanted it to. On the tails of Erielle and Cazien and their epic non-courtship.

I am disappointed it ended with the tales of another book that as of yet has not been put onto goodreads. How long will I have to wait to see how Erielle feels waking up married!!

Of the little missing boys?

I enjoyed this tale even though Erielle was very frustrating. She was prideful and very self-centered. As much as she wants to be a knight she has no true understanding of how it works. She wants to be top knight immediately and doesn't realize you must work through the ranks. It got a little frustrating reading her run away again. Or how many times she was captured and luck saves the day. A little to repetitive for my liking. But it was also a good build up to the next book.

I have really enjoyed this series by Serena Chase - even with the silly religious innuendos.

Happy Reading!!

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