Trip to Revelstoke
On Saturday we began our Road Trip.
First stop was Revelstoke B.C where we stayed at the Glacier House Resort.
Day 1
We had every kind of weather possible while driving. Mountains are strange beasts.
Trip to Revelstoke
Trip to Revelstoke
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And yes, the car did overheat once. Which lead to us discovering a radiator leak But that wasn't going to stop us! (Kevin discovered the leak, I was on twitter) and my phone auto corrected leak to leek

Day 2 We went for a hike We tried one trail but decided against finishing that trail 2km in, due to mud. So we climbed back up and went another route.

Trip to Revelstoke
Trip to Revelstoke

And then walked down to find a coffee shop.

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Day 3
Day 3 brings us to the end of our stay in Revelstoke. Overall -
Our room had a fireplace, both nights we went to sleep with it flickering in the corner.
The hotel had great service, complimentary breakfast, good dinner and a hot tub!
We had amazing views, but didn't see any wildlife, unless you count Robins as wildlife.
In which case we saw a few of those.
Revelstoke is a small town, so coffee shops close at 3pm on Sundays... You never know how much of a difference HD makes until you watch LOTR on a tube TV. Yes, the hotel have tube TV's, not that we spent much time staring at it :)
Trip to Revelstoke
Trip to Revelstoke
Trip to Revelstoke
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The car did over heat again
This photo below is us exploring while letting it cool down.
Trip to Revelstoke
All pictures are compliments of Kevin.
Unless we are both in it. Then it's camera self timer and me racing back and forth!
Happy Wednesday!!

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