The Last Bits

If you haven't been following from the beginning, you'll need to catch up. Kevin and I went on a Road Trip Adventure!! It was amazing and we covered allot of ground. Day 1-3 Trip to Revelstoke Day 3-5 Dinner with Family Day 5-6 Vancouver Adventures Vancouver Aquarium The Storm Crow Tavern Day 7-8 The Many Gardens of Vancouver

Day 8 continued
After the Gardens,  we wandered the beautiful harbor
Vancouver Harbor
saw a raccoon
Vancouver Harbor
walked through pretty flowers!
Stanley Park
Hit up the EXP Bar

Where Kevin drank a Charmander (sour puss raspberry, jack daniels whiskey, fireball), Squirtle (bols blue, captain morgan spiced rum, malibu rum) and a Bulbasaur (bols melon, sour puss apple, bar lime) and ate a mac & cheese burger.


An important thing to note though is our 20,000 steps!!

We ended the night with another walk around the harbor

We found this amazing globe at the Telus Convention Centre and they kindly let us in for a photo! I love globes!!

Vancouver Harbor


Vancouver Harbor

Day 9 The last day all four of us together and I didn't get a group photo... I have also realized we are terrible at goodbyes. Before we separated we went on a Gondola on Grouse Mountain.

Gondola on Grouse Mountain


Gondola on Grouse Mountain
I am not much for heights, I also like to be in control of the moving object we are in. So this was a little bit scary for me (see my instagram, again). But when I took those three pictures, I felt okay. Once we were up, we decided to hit the bathrooms before walking. Off I headed for the ladies room only to have a guy grab my arm and tell me I can't use the bathroom. "Hikers wash up in the bathrooms and these are closed for a private event" (there were no signs saying that). He was really rude, though once he clued into the fact that I was not a hiker (I was wearing flip flops and skirt!) he let me go. I hate being touched. He kinda ruined the whole ride for me. I still managed to grab a few good photos of the bears.
Gondola on Grouse Mountain


Gondola on Grouse Mountain
But I didn't want to stay long. Hopefully I didn't ruin the experience for Alex and Kevin.
We hit up the Lonsdale Quay Market for Pavlova and lunch. The Pavlova shop was closed, so we didn't get to try it. Instead I bought Salt Water Taffy and Alex got colored Popcorn.
Lonsdale Quay Market


Lonsdale Quay Market
With that stop we dropped Alex off at the bus station and headed for the Science Center. I'm dedicating a whole post to the science center. But to say it was much better than the Calgary one, is an underestimate. We had fun and I wish Alex could have been there.
Day 10
we woke up early, grab breakfast at Dylan's and headed out of town.
Managed to do the whole drive in one day.
Without the car overheating!! We ended with BC Ice Cream!!

Got me some bubble gum ice cream from By the Pier Ice Cream #traveling #mrandme #roadtrip #icecream #yummy

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In total we walked
May 2 3,993 steps 2.6 km driving day
May 3 7,731 steps 5.0 km
May 4 4,056 steps 2.7 km driving day
May 5 3,490 steps 2.3 km 
May 6 17,600 steps 11.5 km driving day
May 7 16,018 steps 10.5 km
May 8 17,093 steps 11.1 km
May 9 28,102 steps 18.4 km
May 10 8,987 steps 5.9 km
May 11 4,059 steps 2.6 km driving day
total steps 111,129
total kilometers 72.6
I'm pretty proud of us!!

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