Life Update Post

When we got home last week it was a reality check. Where we live is now longer the home for us. It's time for a change, it's time to move on. The last time I decided that, it took less than one month for me to find a job and move us. This time I have a feeling it's going to take a little more time. Kevin has 8 days of classes and then he's done! He'll be graduating and it will be time to get serious and figure out where we want to be. Vancouver was amazing! I loved every second of it. When we were there Kevin could breath and didn't have issues with dust, like he does here. My allergies on the other hand were worse, I could tell the second that 12 hour pill wore off and it certainly wasn't after 12 hours. My skin enjoyed it, not much as Cuba, but it was still allot softer.

I can't wait for things to wrap up and we can get started with this next chapter in life!! First though, is finishing up the commitments where we do live. Last week was crazy. This week is going to be crazy, because I am working!! I have done a lot of volunteering for a Festival these past few months. And they liked me enough to hire me during festival week. So this week I am working 8 to 5 Mon thru Sat! I have greatly enjoyed my interactions with the people working at the festival and I am very much looking forward to being a part of the team during!

I do however have to wake up early!! And I have the choice of either walking to work or taking the train. Most days I choose to walk down to the free part of the train and ride the rest of the way. Some days I choose to ride the whole way. It does seem silly though to pay $3.15 to ride one stop - to the free zone - and then six more stops. The other day I was running an errand on my way home from the festival and my luck ran out.

The first time I was called a whore was by someone who should have been listening to me instead of yelling at me. The second time was a Friday, while waiting for the train. I was approached by someone reeking of booze, who started to tell me a story beginning with "My friend was telling me about how to make money." I said no, not interested. He gave me a look and then continued talking. I followed up my no with "I don't have any money and I am not interested." My response might seem a little quick, but generally when approached on the train platform people are asking for money. Yes this is judging, but based on the smell and clothes I would stick to my gut and say that is where he was going.

He however didn't like the fact that I shut him down and wasn't willing to listen. He backed a few feet up and started in on me. Being called names doesn't usually bother me. Depends on the circumstances. I was fine with his mutterings, even found them amusing until I got on the train. I choose to go in a different door than him, because I didn't want to continue dealing with him. Him realizing this went from his side of the busy train, pushed through all the people until he found me and started in again. His language and wording then got worse.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that no one on the train did anything. I wasn't doing anything. But the fact is that even when I got off the train to complete the errand, he continued to follow me and did not leave me alone until I approached a stranger and was chatting with him.

I choose to walk the rest of the way home and grab some oreos from the store. I didn't actually end up eating those oreos. I actually didn't fully realize how much I was upset until Kevin called and I burst into tears on the phone. The poor guy had no idea.

Moving on!

While I can't physically walk into the store, I had a friend go into LUSH and buy me two bathbombs. I have been watching BeckieO for months talk about LUSH products and decided it was time to give it ago. I love the LUSH ideology but because walking past the store is enough to make me sneeze half a dozen times, I have never been brave enough to enter its doors. I just assume I would be allergic. The first one I tried was the Coconut White Ball. It fizzed up and left chunks of what I assumed was coconut that melted eventually in the bath water. It smelled yummy and was refreshing.

The second one however is called the Sex Bomb. It made the water beautiful pink, had rose petals in the middle. But the best part is that it left my skin amazingly soft that I did not have to put lotion on afterwards. I just had to do my face and hands because neither were in the water very long. I am so happy with the result that I want online to order a few more. The issue with ordering online is that there is a six-dollar shipping fee. It feels silly to pay a shipping fee with the store just down the street. I am not sure which is worse, bribing someone to go in for me or paying the shipping fee!

I casually mentioned at the end my Vancouver Aquarium post that we came home to ants. I do not like bugs. Once, when Kevin and I were snuggle he casually got up but won't tell me why and when he grabbed a kleenex and started towards the wall, I understood and some how ended up on the other side of the room! Or during our Vancouver Trip there was the time I opened the bathroom door to him standing there holding my stuff telling me to go upstairs!! I'm a lucky girl!

Those however were spiders and not ants (ooh we had a bee too!). Small bugs, in large qualities are worse. You never know when you are going to find them or how many there will be. To fix this problem Kevin bought ant traps and we cleaned the house. Our Saturday To-Do list was massive. We completely rearranged the house, break apart and clean the baseboard heaters, took everything out of every cupboard and wash the item and the cupboard down with as hot of water as we could find, pulled the stove and fridge out and scrubbed down behind.

Once again I am pretty sure that the bugs aren't coming from our apartment (this has happened before but not with ants. Last time I found out it was the girl above us, she left food out when she went on holidays and her kitchen was covered, they just filtered down to us). It's probably her again, but I'm not sure what to do. Either way though my house has been cleaned (except for the bathroom... I hate bathrooms)

On that note! Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous Monday!

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