Not Little Pet Shop

I have been very focused on the negative lately. On Monday I read a post by Valerie at Indecisively Restless and it made me remember that while there has been a ton of crap there has also been a ton of amazing things! She is starting a Firsts Friday Adventure and this weeks topic is First Memory!

Indecsively Restless

I'll be fully honest, I have a terrible memory for good things. It's one of the biggest reasons I blog. I want to remember it all.

I have a memory of opening a birthday present and the box was for Little Pet Shop! I was so so so excited to finally be getting some pet shop toys and then I opened the box and discovered a tiny stuffed pig. Queue the biggest disappointing present like ever! I don't think I cried then but I know I did later.

Irony is all this, is that if it had been little pet shop toys, I would have played with them and enjoyed them for hours, but given 3 or 4 years I would have moved on. But as you can see I still have that stuffed pig!The Stuffed Pig

Happy Friday!

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