Things That I Have Been Thinking About

Do I shave because I truly hate hairy legs, pits, and bikini or do I shave because society has programmed me to desire this image?? Why is it that I've been an ambivert all my life but lately I can't handle people at all??

Social Anxiety - what does it mean, how does it affect me, and what am I going to do?

I have walls like emotional walls 20 kilometer high and made of concrete - How to Fall in Love w/Meg March

It's always interesting to hear the world wake up around you. When you spend the night awake, you get to see people's habits, especially when living in an apartment building. There's always one to two middle of the night washroom runners, but other than that it stays quite until 530.

I have spent my hours thinking about this article - Thoughts on Christian Marriage Teachings (it's three parts).

How amazing is it that Kevin and I got to spend the day at the zoo with these two amazing boys, before we left Calgary. I sure am going to miss them.

What have you been thinking about??

Have a Glorious Monday!

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