The Search for Understanding - Week 4

Genesis 4

I casually mentioned Cain and Abel in my Genesis 1 chapter. To be precise what I said was

God showing favor in received sacrifices. You think he would have not shown favor on Abel’s sacrifice to prevent Cain from murdering him, that would not have harmed free will (Please note that I have not reread the story of Cain and Abel).

Genesis 4:3-5 is where this story happens. Besides the fact that there are verses in the bible supporting both animal sacrifice and against it. I just can’t see how an all-knowing God would choose to not respect Cain’s offering, when he knows murder will be the result. God even speaks to Cain, but it feels like he does know why Cain is upset. So Cain kills Abel, verse 8. Cain is rightly punished for killing by becoming a fugitive and a vagabond in verse 12.

Now verse 14 confuses me. It is said by Cain. “from thy face shall I be hid” does this mean God can no longer see Cain?? And if he did before why did he allow murder to happen?? Is this also why in a few more verse (16-17) Cain settles down, marries, has a son and builds a city?? Even though God has cursed him to wander the world as a vagabond? This is also repeated differently in verse 4:16.

The Mark of Cain is a very interesting subject. Something I did not go into last week in Genesis 3 was the Two Seed Theory. These are just interesting theories that are totally random and kinda entertaining.

Two Seed Theory - Genesis 3:15 Mark of Cain - Genesis 4:15
Cain was the son of the serpent and Eve, and, after he murdered his half-brother Abel , intermarried with the pre-adamic people of color in the land of Nod. All non-white humans are descended from Cain. (I have never heard of the pre-adamic theory! Will have to check this out) This was based, in part, on Genesis 4:15, where God placed a mark on Cain after he had killed his brother Abel. Joseph Smith and later LDS leaders interpreted the "mark upon Cain" to be turning of Cain's skin (and that of all his descendents) black.

We have Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, so who does Cain marry in verse 17??

Moving away from Cain and Abel. In my Genesis 3 post, I mentioned how I needed to do a post about women’s rights and what the bible says. Here we have Lamech who takes two wifes in verse 19. Why is it brought up that Lamech killed a man?? And how does logic follow to him being avenged seventy and seven fold?? (verse 23-24)

Seth is born as a replacement for Abel, verse 25. I feel sorry for him having to live in the shadow of his murdered brother. Do Adam and Eve know Cain is still alive and has a family??

That ends Genesis 4. Would love opinions, otherwise see you next week!

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