The Last

This is my last outfit post pictures to be taking in this area or in our home! Tomorrow we are moving!! I have a post all written about our adventures in this old apartment, you can read it on Monday, for now. Here's a dress that made the cut on my clothing moving purge! I am so excited to finish packing and get onto this new adventure!! I'll write more when I don't have a huge list of things to do!!

And because I don't yet feel like moving my butt yet! Here's my TO DO list for the day Buy more totes Buy lightbulbs Pack bathroom Clean bathroom Pack clothes except two days worth Pack kitchen Take down curtains and decide what we are doing with them Shower Curtain?? Clean top of bedroom closet Pack books for the month Do Laundry Go to movie Hang out with Gurjit and boys Sleep

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Linking up with Lena B Actually for Passion for Fashion

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