Things I have Accomplished Since Becoming Unemployed

Things I have Accomplished Since Becoming Unemployed

Completed the 21-Day Mediation Challenge and I am about to start another!! Started working out more consistently and then fell off the bandwagon again! However I feel good and while I haven't been consistently working out, we have gone for bike rides, excessively long walks and the beach (or as close as you can get to a beach in Alberta). My mental health is better than it was before and I am beginning to deal with deeply buried issues.

Began Volunteering heavily which lead to a week long paid position!

Started a project I have wanted to work on for months and began posting it, even though it's utterly terrifying to do so.

Started being truthful to people around me. Which has meant tearing down the bonds of our old relationship and rebuilding them. A painful process with some people but it's happening.

Started HTML Training, which lead to going self hosted, joining blogging groups, book clubs, and twitter chats!! And I still have so much more to do!

Got Married. OMG that totally happened!

Colored my Hair Purple.

Weekend trips to see my nephews and nieces. But on top of that have spent some quality time with some amazing people. Not working has allowed me to have coffee, lunch, and wine dates with friends who I have missed for months.

Moved us with no home in sight! We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to house sit for some family for as long or as short as we want. Which has given us the opportunity to move and search for the job that Kevin want!

With the move I learned that renting from a friend, is a cautionary thing and that you must get everything in writing.

I discovered LUSH products and have written about it a few times already, but I got on board with their #gayisok campaign. Had to go out and buy the bar, it's the first soap in forever that I am not allergic too!


And the biggest one I have Rediscovered who I am. Which basically is that I don't know who I am. I am not the bubbly sales person I once was. I am a close-knit bookworm, who doesn't enjoy putting myself in unknown situations. Who very much needs hours of alone time to stay sane. But I am living for myself.

AND I'm Happy! (even if I am way to serious in these pictures...) #gayisok selfie

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