The 21 Day Challenge

My Health Story5 1/2 years ago we made the move to Calgary. Within a year I had changed positions within the bank, gotten a gym membership and was eating healthy. I felt amazing, looked amazing, and was super happy. Kevin was also working out daily with me, but was very unhappy with his work. We made the move that allowed him to go back to school and within the first year of that I switch positions at the bank. That job change is what really hurt my habits. I was in a place where I could walk to work but couldn't do to harassment. Work took over my mental health and drained me physical. The result was me leaving my job in January 2015 - 30 pounds heavier and mentally exhausted. Two years destroyed all my earlier good habits. July 2015 We moved back to our hometown. Kevin had just graduated school and is currently searching for employment. The move, shifted us closer to Kevin's family and his sister Karen happens to be a Beachbody Coach. As we had no permanent home when we moved we got rid of a lot of our stuff, including all our food. With no food there literally is no better time than now to make some lifestyle changes.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Hence The 21 Day Challenge! Oh, and it doesn't include this cake! I just like to torture myself! We enjoyed this cake and lots of other terrible things the day before the challenge started. The challenge started Monday July 6 (see my goal post here!).

With the 21 Day Fix, we weighed ourselves, took measurements, made meal plans and figured out our containers. Oh and Workouts, we started a workout plan.

WEIGHT/MEASUREMENTS: I won't be sharing my weight or measurements. But I was very happy to see that the numbers weren't as bad as I thought. They aren't near what I use to be, but that is what this is all about.

MEAL PLANNING: we left it pretty basic Meal 1 - Yogurt, Peaches, Granola Meal 2 - Veggies, humus, Cheese String Meal 3 - Salad and a Protein Meal 4 - Fruit and Cottage Cheese Meal 5 - Starch, Protein, Veggies Meal 6 - Almonds, leftover containers and as much fruit as I am allowed. The program has you doing six meals. But it isn't actually about the meals it's about eating a certain about of containers. These containers are full of yummy, nutritious food. I am currently allowed 3 Green, 2 Purple, 4 Red, 2 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, and 2 Teaspoons. The amounts change based on the amount of calories you want during the day. Kevin's is very different from mine, for example, he is allowed 4 yellow - which is carbs and my most favorite thing ever (OMG GARLIC BREAD!)!

This first week has been hard, the amount of sugar I usually eat, was cut cold turkey! Which created a massive migraine. If you've read my migraine post than you know how exhausting those can be. For the moment everywhere I turn there is something yummy I want to eat - Apple at Macdonald's, Frosty at Wendy's, Chocolate Cake in the fridge (see pictures!), Jujubes (OMG jujubes!)

The funniest thing so far has been Kevin grabbing a green container of carrots and then him being made at me for stealing a few and throwing up his container count!

I am keeping a daily track record which I will probably share near the end. If you are interested in learning more leave a comment.


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