Priorities and Goals

Priorities and Goals

Two Mondays I shared a list of goals. It's time for an update!! 1. Start the 21-Day Challenge - I wrote a post about it here. It's been ups and downs since that post. While both Kevin and I have worked out more. There was definitely some difficulty over the one weekend when we went to Calgary.

2. Don’t forget Drew’s present on Wednesday AND book club book - Success!!

3. Finish my current read before Wednesday, so I can start the book club book right away (it must be done by Sunday!) - I didn't end up finish either book by these deadlines. But the book club was actually the week after. And so I have finished both and another book!! I really need to get back into reading full-time again!!

4. Decide what I want to do with my hair before my haircut on Thursday! Maybe a picture or two to bring to her. - Hair has been chopped!! I feel so much better!! (you can kinda see it here)

5. Work! And work hard! Enjoy myself, have fun and realize I’m there for a good time and not just money. My mental health is more important than a paycheck. Keep this mentality. - Well I kept this mentality, but it also meant not compromising on something important to me. So after two shifts, that job is over and I am not sad about it. It was the right thing to do for me.

6. Work on and get ahead on The Search for Understanding Project - this didn't end up posting last week. But as I mentioned in Saturday's post we have moved again and I should have a work space where I can actually work! Fingers crossed.

7. Do a photo shoot, outside behind the shop - this honestly just needs to be a monthly goal. And while I was to chicken to actually

8. Get together with others in this little town - We've seen some people, but not everyone yet. Summers are busy and this year is a little unique. But I'm not worried about missing anyone yet. Plus now that we have a house we can have company over! And I am very excited about that!


I love making goals!! So these are the goals for the rest of the month

1. Photoshoot, something fun and unique!

2. Invite people over, host a BBQ

3. Figure out where everything is in the kitchen and get settled in.

4. Mediate daily!

5. Read 4-5 books and write reviews. Work on Fun Summer Reading Challenge. Hearts are what I've accomplishedSummer Reading Challenge

Books I'm Counting - reviews to come Friday Young Adult - Sabriel by Garth Nix Something You Wouldn't Normally Read - Wake by Anna Hope Memoir - Between Gods: A Memoir by Alison Pick

6. Work on Search for Understanding Project and do a Wedding Wednesday Post

7. Run 5-6 times

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