The Search for Understanding - Week 7

Genesis 9

This chapter says at the top The Rainbow.

Genesis 9:1 - “Be Fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” Overpopulation is one of the earth’s greatest problems. Where I grew up a small family was considered unlucky and small consisted of 3-5 kids. I will never understand this, I personally don’t want children and I will never condemn someone from wanting to have babies. But I do wish people would spend more time thinking about those children who aren’t fortunate and have been thrown into the foster system or in a third-world country. This is also mentioned again in verse 7.

Genesis 9:2-4 Is this when animals lost the ability to have free will? Or whatever it was they had before? Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you - promotes animal cruelty and non-vegetarian lifestyle. I also never knew that God forbade us to eat meat that had not been drained of blood first, as supported by these verses. I didn’t think Christians did this just Muslims.

Genesis 9:6 I am confused by this verse. If you kill a man, your blood will also be shed. If this is true why was Cain treated differently. Does God believe in capital punishment? This feels like a never-ending battle. I have been reading “I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai” and in it she talks about how feuds between some families are never-ending. Because you take the life of one and then the other family retaliates and so on and so forth. Here God is promoting it. How could the all seeing one not see how bad that is?

Genesis 9:11 The earth will no longer be destroyed by floods. I don’t believe a flood like is describe happened. I am sure a terrible flood happened. It just didn’t cover the entire earth. Floods are continually ruining the earth. I was in one two years ago and other countries that have floods a million times worse than what I went through.

Genesis 9:9-13 The reason the chapter is called The Rainbow. As Skeptics Annotated says "Every time God sees the rainbow he says to himself: "Oh, yeah.... That's right. I promised not to drown the animals again. I guess I'll have to find something else to do." " Science shows how rainbows come to reality. A Christian could argue a rainbow didn’t happen before this moment, however science shows that it occurs due to sunlight and water droplets in the air. I almost feel as if God is making the promise that no one will ever drown again. According to statics an average of 10 drownings per day happened.

Noah’s sons are Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Whenever I ask someone who I know has been a Christian for forever about Drunken Noah, most times they have no idea what I am talking about. This takes place between verses 20-27. And is something that greatly frustrates me.

Noah gets off the ark and plants a vineyard, drinks the wine, gets drunk and lies uncovered within his tent (where was his wife???). Ham, Noah’s son comes in and sees his father and runs off to tell his brothers. Shem and Japheth take a garment and enter backwards to not see their naked father and cover him up. Now the bible says that Ham saw his father naked, some people take that to assume Ham did more than just see him naked but took advantage and assume sex. I would like to take the words literally as I feel I have done and assume Ham only viewed his father's naked form.

When Noah awakes and finds out what his son did to him, he curses his son’s son to eternal slavery. He doesn’t curse the person who did the act, he curses his son. Now I have some questions

1. Why should the son be hurt by the father’s sin??

2. Why would Noah, who was found in favor by God, allow his third act as the oldest human now on earth curse his own grandson and all his generations to slavery??

3. Why would he be angry with his son? Maybe he panicked and ran out of the room. He told his brothers because he was too scared to go back in.

4. Why was Noah naked to begin with?

Just seriously WTF.

Happy Thursday, see you next week!!

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