The Search for Understanding - Week 8

Genesis 10

I have always thought that until the tower of Babel that there was only one language. While Genesis 10 is mostly boring genealogies. Verse 5 (20 & 31 as well) says that every family had their own language.

Speaking of the tower of Babel, Nimrod, vs 8 son of Cush a mighty hunter was King of that land when the tower was started. I can not wait for the tower of Babel story!! I don’t know it well enough.

What does it mean in verse 25 “Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided” I always assumed the earth was divided when the floods receded. How come it’s only mentioned for this character. He has brothers and cousins.

Genesis 11

Which starts with “And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech” So confused. Interestingly enough I had a comment the other day disagreeing with my statement of contradictions within the bible. Here is a great example of a contradiction that I can’t reconcile.

I am so very confused as to why God would be worried about man building a tower reaching the heavens. The technology that would have been available to them at the time would not have allowed them to build anything as high as what we can build now. There is a wiki page full of the tallest buildings in the world, it’s an interesting skim.

My Questions regarding the tower of Babel

1. Why would an all-knowing God be worried about man building a tower to the heavens in that day and age when they could not build what we have now?

2. Why did God have to come down to see what they were doing? Is he not all-knowing?

3. Is this actually one group being referenced and not the whole of humanity? And they of course thought of themselves as all-powerful and claimed to speak only one language so God had to scatter them.

4. Also he says in verse 7 “let us go down” is there more than one God??

5. By scattering them did he physically move them to other locations or did he just confuse the language causing the people to scatter themselves looking for people who spoke the same.

6. Random thought what if he confused a Husband and a Wife to different languages, what then? Though women aren’t important in the book so that probably didn’t matter.

Genesis 11:29 Is this the same Abram and Sarai that later can’t have children… and Sarai gives Abram her hand servant. And of course the second the hand servant has a kid Sarai gets pregnant (was probably too stressed before) And this is the child that Abram takes up on the mountain to kill for God and then doesn’t kill, instead goes on to do worse - genital mutilation.

Guess I will have to wait and see.

OH and Sarai followed by Milcah are the second and third women to be mentioned in the bible.

Sarai can’t conceive verse 30.

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