August Goals

Making Weekly Goals has not been productive as of late. Mostly because my goals are always the same so I am moving to a purely monthly system. This post is a update on my Priorities and Goals post and my July Goals! If you keep monthly goals let me know! I am looking to make this a co-hosted link up and I love reading goals and update posts!

Last Months Goals For My Blog:

Get ahead on Search for Understanding Project - I missed one week due to life, moving and stress. But I am back on top and excited to keep working on this! Search for my ad swap possibilities - My banner is on Bella Brita!! Go through email and check out network opportunities, respond, catch up and sign up - Kinda, I feel without a permanent address right now I can't commit to certain things and this is hard stopping me. Most figure this out.

For My Health:

Spend sometime in the sun with sun protection on, no burning! - I did get burnt but it was because I spent 8 hours in the sun and forgot to reapply. Go for 3-5 bike rides - nope nope and nope. So sad Start running - I ran 4 days straight when Kevin was away (couldn't sleep) and I've gone on a few runs with Karen and Kevin. It's been fabulous!! I love the Nike App!! Do the 21-Day Challenge with Karen - This Challenge has been a hit and miss struggle. But the Facebook group is amazing and it's a work in progress to change a lifestyle. I plan to do the Challenge again. Post to come soon! Do the 21-Day Free Mediation Challenge - I didn't end up doing the mediation everyday, because I didn't feel the need for it. Plus Kevin and I were without proper Internet for 10 days. Making it almost impossible to stream video or audio. I choose to use my Internet time on blogging.

For Kevin and I:

Try not to disrupt Kevin’s parents lives too much - I don't think we did. I am so thankful for them letting us stay with them. Met with Kevin’s Aunt and Uncle about their house - not only did we met with them but we have already moved in. Their house is lovely! Though I did have to hide the breakables!! Take the time to apply for allot of jobs - nope. I just can't. I struggle with finding the words to explain why I can't work. Mostly because I don't understand it yet.  Take time with each other - It's amazing how living with other people makes it feel like you haven't seen each other in forever! The first two days in our new place consisted of sleep and talking. It is/was fabulous! Discuss our future and make plans - always a work in progress.

For The Brain: (aka reading)

Catch up - success but also never ending! Instead of individual post, combine 5 or 6 books - I successfully combined books and it felt right! I am so much happier combining the post than writing a dozen small posts. This leads into my blog goals for August!

August Monthly Goals! For My Blog: going a little deeper

Blogging Elite Group

- add social media and post - leave 5-10 comments on posts - share/pin other's social media

#Authentic Bloggers

- add post - leave 1-5 comments on posts - share/pin other's social media


- Retweet my post three times - Retweet favorite posts, especially if I liked the article but didn't comment


- Pin 2-3 posts I have enjoyed - Pin my post - Repin an old post


- Instagram a photo reflecting my blog post - Heart 5-10 photos

Weekly Blog Projects

Tuesday - The Feminist Journey - Coming Soon!! Wednesday - Wedding Wednesday - end date August 26 Thursday - The Search for Understanding Saturday - Self Portrait Saturday/Personal Post- link up??

Monthly Blog Projects

1st Monthly Goals 3rd Friday of the Month - Book Reviews


Sunday/Monday most Fridays

OTHER - take pictures for blog posts and Self Portrait Saturdays (did you know I use only images from my own blog unless there is a specific reason otherwise, like the book challenge photo.)

For My Health:

Tweet: Do it for myself, don't wait for others

Run Find better apps to help with running Babysit but be aware of my own time and things I need to do

For Kevin and I:

See all our friends Enjoy the Summer weather Have quiet mornings together

For the Brain:

Catch up on my 2015 Reading Challenge (Goodreads says I am 18 books behind!) Read 1 Feminist Book Read 4-5 Story Books

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