Devonian Gardens

For some of our Wedding Photos we were looking for a perfect spot to take everyone. Our photographer Eileen Patel from Retrospekt Design suggested Devonian Gardens. I would have preferred to get the photos outside along Memorial Drive, but the reality of our wedding date, February 3, meant we had to remember weather and driving capabilities. The gardens offer valet parking and are wheel chair accessible, something we could not guarantee along Memorial. On January 27, just a few days before the wedding Kevin and I met with Tanya from Devonian Gardens to talk wedding. I had been there previously and it is beautiful (just not quiet what I was picturing for family photos)!! I do swear it was better before the renovations, but that could be my childhood imagination. We met before the gardens opened, and it was so peaceful and quiet. These two photos were taken just outside the gardens in the food court.

I did talk Kevin into a quick outfit photo before we left. I love the lush green. It is such a beautiful environment.

On the day of the wedding, we met all our family at the Gardens and the photo taking began. I am a little disappointed in the lack of creativity in the family photos. I would have really loved some variety. These are definitely not my favorite photos of the day. But they are still precious!

P.S. Feature Image is from our "First Look". I am not into the whole "First Look" thing, so the photos from there aren't my favorites and I have decided to not dedicate a post to them. I will add a few here and then, if it fits.

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