The Search for Understanding - Week 10

Genesis 15

Why does God require a sacrifice? I understand that Jesus dies on the cross which means we no longer need to do sacrifices. But I would really like to understand why we needed to do so in the first place.

So Abram falls asleep willing waiting for God to take the sacrifice and has a dream which says his seed with be in slavery for 400 years, and God will judge that nation that helds Abram’s seed in slavery. In four generations of slavery someone will come and rescue them. Verse 12-16.

I am confused by the 400 years. Because people were still living for crazy long lifes. So 400 years would be like two generations or do people finally start getting normal age spans?

This land God keeps talking about giving Abgram, mentioned here again in verse 18. It was mentioned in Genesis 13 too. Has it come true today??


Genesis 16

So Abram has sex with his wife Sarai’s servant Hagar and she conceives. Does this mean that Abram married Hagar or just slept with her to have a kid?

I find it cruel that Sarai gave Hagar to do what Sarai herself couldn’t do (because woman are always the one to blame when a couple can’t conceive, insert eye roll here) and then becomes jealous. Her servant did exactly what was asked of her. Sarai is an abuser of her power and God likes that… sends the slave right back. Begs the question “Does God approve of slavery?”.

EDIT: Based on a reread and images from the Brick Testament. It seems Hagar treats Sarai with contempt in verse 4 (other word used is despised). I had it the other way around. However Sarai does treat Hagar harshly after getting permission from Abram in verse 6.

Ishmael, poor Ishmael. Why is he cursed to be a wild man with everyone against him? Is it because his mother is a slave and his father is the master?

Does this lead to the story of foreskin being cut off for the first time in some weird way of please God? Where Abram’s name changes to Abraham and mutilates his sons?


Project Update:

I am ten weeks into this project, we have covered Genesis 1 thru 16. The project that at this rate could take a lifetime. I feel it is important to discuss each chapter and take it as it says. But the pace feels so slow. I feel like I am not learning anything, beyond realizing how unjust God is. For the rest of the month of August I will be taking a break from this project. The project needs a face lift and I need a new direction. I will be taking the next month to redesign and refit it to how I want.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the project so far and if you have any ideas of how to redirect it.


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