A Few With Stories

A Few With Stories

I have all these ideas for a Self Portrait Photo Shoot. But I have been to chicken to do any of them. It feels awkward with Kevin in the house and he's rarely not with me. I have managed a few since we've moved (see 1, 2, and 3 here). I do however managed to take a lot of selfies on my cell phone. Some of which never get posted on my instagram. So this week I thought I would share those photos and their stories. 

This is Timothy, he is my adorable little nephew and I don't get to see him enough! So when I do see him I want to get a picture of him to remember. Not only do I do it for myself but for him one day, if he loves pictures the way I do than maybe he'll be happy to have them. This occasion we had met in Medicine Hat to go shopping. There's not much for shopping there but they had exactly what we wanted. We met at Arby's and grabbed lunch. My sister, Timothy's Mom is just like me and loves Arby's!! So it was definitely a great place to meet!

When you have purple hair there is a lot of maintenance! Since we've been in Lethbridge we have already had to re-dye it twice. Having help makes the upkeep a lot easier! But it's a funny looking process!

For the 21 Day Challenge one of the tasks was to take a picture of you doing the plank and post it in the facebook group. I can hold a plank for about 20 seconds (compared to the 1 1/2 minutes I could do almost three years ago). This technically isn't a self-portrait because I didn't take it, Kevin did. He also kept saying he wasn't ready yet or that one was blurry got to take it again. Which meant I held that plank for a rather long time!!

This is Sam, my other Nephew. I have the opportunity to babysit him lots! Unfortunately I am not sure if I am any good at babysitting, as I have no patience but his Mom and Dad don't seem to mind and I love hanging out with the little dude. I try to take him outside for a bit when I have him. It usually depends on the whether, it's been very hot. But the one day we found this little flower and we had fun playing with it! That is until he tried to eat it! But this photo turned out awesome and I am glad for my time with the little guy!

And lastly this is my favorite person!! We've been hitting the gym up 4 to 5 times a week and this was taken after one such adventure. Sore arms and legs are currently what's being passed around. It's fun and I am loving every second of it!! If I wasn't such a chicken I would take my camera to the gym and take a picture of a few moves I've been learning... But that won't be happening any time soon! Happy Saturday!!

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