Our Wedding Ceremony

When we started wedding planning I knew from the start I want something small and quick. The worst part of weddings for me is sitting through this long ceremony that's excessively boring and full of religion, talk about babies, and wives submitting to their husbands. I also wanted the person marrying us to understand my concerns. We found Paul Wishart and he not only listened to us, but made us super comfortable and excited about the ceremony. He understood what we didn't want in the ceremony and allowed us to adjusted it as we wanted. Neither of us wanted to write our vows, so he put together a simple paragraph that we just repeated after him. Having him so open, honest, and accommodating really helped make the day go by smoothly. You can see more about how we find Paul here. Wedding Commissioner: Paul Wishart Photographer: Eileen Patel – Retrospekt DesignThis photo with the guys pulling down the runner. Has a tiny story to it. The runner is trapped under the backdrop and wasn't originally pulled out long enough to go the whole way down. So I ended up telling them not to pull it any further (or the backdrop would come down!), except I said it loud enough that everyone heard... Oh well!

If you have read my Walking Down the Aisle Post, you'll know how important that walk was to me! I am so happy with the fact that we walked down together. We started this together and that's how it's always going to be!

Beyond the fact that Paul was amazing the ceremony was short and sweet. I didn't want anything longer than twenty minutes. My sister timed the event - it took 12 minutes for us to go through the whole thing, including signing the papers and running away.

A few things I am frustrated with. The photographer didn't get a good shot of the groomsmen, like she did with the bridesmaids.

But there are detailed shots that I love and that is also so important!

For music to walk us all down the aisle we had a good friend Dean Morrison play on his guitar. To be fully honest I have no idea what he played or for how long. I feel kinda bad how little effort I put into the music side of our wedding and how little memory I have of it. But I was told by guests that it was wonderful and they are the ones that will remember.

And with that we are married!! There are a few more posts to come, so please stick around to see the rest! XOXO

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