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Promises to Keep Book Series by Shayne Parkinson

Sentence of Marriage

I thought this would be a simple story about a farm girl, who gets married, has a bunch of babies and never travels farther than 2 miles from home. This is not that story. You know when you're sitting there reading away and you can see the train wreck from a mile away and your yelling at the main character "NO! NO! NO!"? That is this story.

Minor Spoilers involved in this review!

Amy is a sweet girl of 12. She is given the full responsibility of running a farm-house. Her dad treats her as if she is 6. So when he shows up with a wife on this arm, her whole life is thrown into chaos.

I loved so many of the characters in this book. But my favorite is Lizzie and Frank. I very much want more of there story.

Amy's brothers are awesome. I love how they grow up and when they realize that they are stronger than the people they live with.

The shame and stigma that comes with Amy's life choices are sad. What makes me especially sad is some of that shame still happens today. Her story is in 1883, from the age 12-15. But what she goes through still happens today and is still treat just as horribly.

The ending comes up fast and ends in a cliffhanger... so I bought book two

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Mud and Gold

This book picks up right where book 1 leaves off and ends in a great cliffhanger. The biggest difference in this book is Amy has always allowed everyone to walk all over her. About a quarter of the way in she stands up for herself and she sticks to it. Charlie isn't happy about it but it sticks. While technically speaking her threat is hallow because at that time men had all the power. But she has smartened up enough to work things to her advantage.

As with book one there are Minor Spoilers involved in this review.

My favorite part was when women's voting came about. He was so upset about it and she twists it just right to get her way. While I don't like manipulation in marriage, in her case I am not only all for it but I am so happy she's figured it out.

Her sons are very interesting. At only 9 Malcolm is doing things that most 12-15 year olds don't do now-a-days. It's scary. Amy does her best and I get why she makes the decisions she does, but he is going to grow up to be just like his abusive father and it's a never-ending circle from there.

I love how much more we see of Frank and Lizzie. Now Lizzie is the farm story I was expecting. On one side I am enjoying her story but I am so much happier to be fully engaged in both Amy and Lizzie.

By now I am so engaged with the story I've already bought book three.


Settling the Account

Now this book brought everything I'd been wanting all together.

Things happen with Malcolm Things happen with Davie Everyone gets a little older Someone re-enters the story Allot of people die

I cried my way through a few chapters.

It ended so well, it made me wonder what on earth could be left for a fourth book! So I had to buy it and find out!!


 Second Chances

A great ending. Kinda... I realized after reading this book that there was still more, but that they followed different characters and I started reading it without reviewing this one first. I did write one line though

"When you look up and realize it's six am and you've just spent the night crying over a book."

And instead of going to bed like I should have I bought the book that follows other characters but is still part of the same group. I very much enjoyed this series!! What surprised me the most is that I am so use to books taking 2 or 3 hours to read. Each one of these books were a 6 to 7 hour investment of time. That has not happened in a very long time for me. It was refreshing but I kept thinking I was reading too slow!!

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