Wedding Reception

Our Reception was pretty basic. As neither of us like to dance, so hosting a dance was out of the question. So we did what we normal we do - we gamed! We Gamed - Our Table Decorations

Each table had a place setting and a board game on it. I didn't pick particular games for people, more focused on grouping people together. I hope people were happy with how they were sat! One thing I did do was inside all our board games, I placed a picture from our engagement photos inside with a note about how we acquired the game or something else about it. Angela_Kevin_Wedding_511

For Wedding Favors we made up personalized decks of cards with our engagement photos and date from The Playing Card Factory. Not only did they turn out great but they arrived with no hassle!

Wedding Favor

Other than games we had an amazing dinner by Roma Catering. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the meal or food as our photographer decided to leave. And while our party did not go late (I think we were home by midnight). We did sneak in one other 'event'

A Photobooth!! We got our position off wrong so there was no backdrop and we forgot the remote (someone had to go back and get it!). I also think the battery of my camera eventually died. But I got photos of nearly everyone and I am so happy I did!! These are almost my favorite photos from the night!!

John, Anne-Marie and Us