Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Daisy's War by Shayne Parkinson

This is a tag along book with the series I reviewed last time Promises to Keep. It follows Amy's granddaughter from age 7 to 12. By this time I am so invested into the characters there's never enough story. I really enjoyed Daisy. Her fear about the war is felt. I want to know if Daisy reaches her dreams but the story doesn't get that far. I love how Amy looks to others. Here she is a Grandma and looks like she's the Mom. I am so glad we get to see more of all my favorite characters and how they grow up. I would have loved to see more of Anne. But the story wasn't really about her. I have greatly enjoyed Shayne Parkinson's series! Hopefully one day he will write more!!

In Between Dreams by Iman Verjee

This book covers a range of emotions that I don't know how to describe it. After crying through the ending (everything is making me cry lately) I threw the book down and demanded Kevin read it. Then we figured out it would take him two plus weeks to read it.

SPOILERS: Rape is a heavy topic in this book but it is not written in a violent way. It actually take you a few chapters to figure out what is happening and that it is wrong. It's a hard hit to the emotions Suicide is swept under the rug. I couldn't imaging living with that secret, but suicide doesn't seem the right way to handle it. She should have shared the secret at the top of her lungs instead of killing herself. That said I am too logical for suicide, but I understand why she went that route.

This book made me think things about myself. Cause me to look at things buried within. And question myself and what would be an appropriate way of handling those things. It's deep and scary and I need Kevin to read this book so I can talk about those things.

This is one book that did not leave me feeling fuzzy, happy, content. But it also didn't invoke feelings of anger or hatred or rage on society. Just per fear and even that isn't the right word.

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

NOTE: I use to love Philippa Gregory books. I seem to have grown in recent months and struggled through reading this. Her books just aren't as good as I wanted them to be anymore. Though it could have just been this book.

Three people have voices in this book. Elizabeth, Mary and George.

Elizabeth Shrewsbury is she a real woman? If she is, my hope would be that if I had been born and raised in that day and age I would have done something similar for myself. As in made myself a woman with land and not fully dependent on men. She made a fortune for herself and while her ending isn't in death or happiness, she still managed to make something of herself. I want to know if her dream house is actually a thing.

Mary - Queen of the Scotts, I think. Off topic rant, I love Queen Elizabeth, I love reading about her. I don't do huge extremes in research her or anything but when you put two queens side by side I'll always pick Elizabeth (or Cleopatra). This means reading the story of Mary and her bashing of Elizabeth, started me off with disliking her. That never changed throughout the book.

George is a fool of a man. White privilege at it's best, even after he 'learns his lessons'

Breaking the Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Men Love her Women adore her So why is someone trying to kill her?

That is what is written on the front. I read this book while working because it was given to me and I needed something to read. The thought was nice but this is not my type of book at all. Actually it's my least favorite type, it fills a fantasy that causes people to be unhappy with their own realities. I find all the characters vain, conceded and white privileged. They are all rich, famous, gloriously skinny and there's the typical bad guy with a vendetta against the family. I'll give the book one thing and that's family. For the most part family is very important to all the characters. Though they are kept separate from daily lives, they are still very much involved. I wasn't finding the story to terrible until the third act. The book itself is split into the Prologue, Part 1, 2, and 3 and Epilogue. Part 3 is where things fell apart. Suddenly 90% of the characters were gone and we got all these new ones that came from no where and had no intro. It was not a smooth switch and I hate it. The epilogue sort made up for it but by then I was frustrated with the book and just skimming for interesting lines. Minor spoiler The prologue has a rape scene in it. I was not content with how the rape was handle or discussed in the book. Not by the character of the rape but by her peers, friends and family.

The ending was minimally satisfying. All in all I think I'll read something else next time.

And with that, my Summer Reading Challenge is completed. I did not manage to get a bingo. But I haven't been reading enough to accomplish that goal yet. I am still very much behind on my reading goals for this year! But I hope I can get it done soon!! Fingers crossed!

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