Glorious Green

It seems silly to do Self Portraits that aren't creative and aren't reflecting a new favorite outfit. This month time has escaped me and I haven't been as creative as I would like. And as for outfit I pretty much have two summer ones I rotate through. This one below and this one.

This past week I worked at a festival. It was a very different environment than I am use too. Most festivals are volunteer based, so I deal mainly with young woman. Those festivals are also very different culture than this one. This one was more of a country fair. I worked in the back as the Command Post operator, dealing mostly with janitorial and parking crews. Which were 95% male dominated. Nothing wrong with working with a bunch of guys and for the most part I prefer it. Less drama. That said I wasn't comfortable giving people rides home, like I normally would. This festival was also not volunteered based so if you shrug off the job for a couple hours people care. And I was not going to cover for any of them. Sorry for the blurry picture! I love this photo but I didn't realize the camera wasn't in focus!! Happy Saturday!

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