The 30 Day Relationship Challenge

The 30 Day Relationship Challenge

If you have followed me for a while you may remember I semi participated in a Relationship Challenge hosted by Freckled Fox. In the end I only did two posts - Dream Trip and Oldies, because the tasks were just not things we did. So I thought it was time for another challenge, a 30 day Challenge! Here are the prompts let's see what I can do!

Challenge Details

Day 1 - Stare into each other's eyes for at least three minutes.
Day 2 - Go for a walk in an unexplored street in your neighborhood
Day 3 - Have a picnic for dinner. Bad Weather? Set up your blanket indoors!
Day 4 - Leave a special note in their lunch, purse or wallet that they find on the way to work.
Day 5 - Pick a small home improvement project, like updating your framed photos or reorganizing the bookshelf.
Day 6 - Reenact a favorite date night from your relationship.
Day 7 - Send a funny internet meme to make them laugh during the day.
Day 8 - Dance at home to your wedding song or favorite tune.
Day 9 - Go on a beer, wine or dessert tasting - or purchase new treats to enjoy at home.
Day 10 - Surprise each other with a simple gift like a bouquet of roses for her and a bottle of his favorite drink for him.
Day 11 - Hold hands while walking around town together or at home on the couch.
Day 12 - Send 10 compliments throughout the day.
Day 13 - Light candles at night while you're together to add instant romance around the house.
Day 14 - Catch a sunrise or sunset.
Day 15 - Do something for each other's health, like trying a new dish or workout.
Day 16 - Go on a lunch date during the week together.
Day 17 - Revisit memories in old photos from when you first started dating.
Day 18 - Play a favorite board game from your childhood.
Day 19 - Wander the local bookstore or library for new favorite reads.
Day 20 - Challenge each other in the kitchen by whipping up a meal with what you can find already in the pantry.
Day 21 - Discover a new podcast that you can listen together.
Day 22 - Kiss in the morning and at night.
Day 23 - Drive 30 minutes away from your home and explore a new side of town.
Day 24 - Make a list of your favorite traits of your partner, then share it with them.
Day 25 - Find a local non-profit at which to volunteer for the day.
Day 26 - Find an interesting documentary on Netflix that neither of you have seen.
Day 27 - Celebrate an accomplishment from the week - no matter how big or small.
Day 28 - Make a time capsule of your relationship to open at a later date.
Day 29 - Challenge each other with a new puzzle like crossword or Sudoku.
Day 30 - Go out - without your partner.

You'll notice that the first task is to stare into each others eyes for 3 minutes. But after Kevin pointed out that it didn't say anything about talking during those 3 minutes we realize we do this all the time. The task for day one didn't seem so hard when you could share your feelings and talk. Communication is a huge part of our relationship and I am glad we could incorporate that into the challenge right away!

Today's challenge is

Go for a walk in an unexplored part of your neighborhood

Kevin and I are currently homeless (well we have a place to stay as we are house sitting but we don't have a place to call our own, yet), so exploring an unknown neighborhood has been very easy! The whole area has been unknown!

However I thought I would share a walk we took a few months ago. It's Wednesday and that typical means a wedding post. As of tomorrow the 3, Kevin and I have been married for 7 months. We took the walk down the aisle. These photos were Eileen Patel – Retrospekt Design after the ceremony and before the dinner. They are my favorites from the night. These are the types of photos I wanted from the day and didn't get. But I have these and they are lovely.

My fur coat was a gift from my Gramma. It's a vintage 1942 Mink Fur Coat, it was perfect for keeping us warm while we were shooting those photos.

So this is our walk, the unexplored area of married life!

I would love if you joined me in this Challenge! Shoot me a message if you would like more details. And as always I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post!! XOXO

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