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Since I was strong enough to do it I have been rearranging furniture. I would almost say it's a family affair. I remember rearranging our living room with my Mom and sister, often enough that Dad would come home and not be surprised anymore. This need to rearrange continues to this day. Except now there is a lot of electronics involved (desktop, TV, surround sound, PS3, XBox, Wii) that it is too much effort for me to do by myself. And if I did do it by myself nothing would get unplugged and it would just be dragged around. So Kevin has adjusted to my need to rearrange every couple of months and we usually take the evening to do so. I blog while he wraps cords, then dust while he moves things around and then as he is setting up I spend hours rearranging my books! It's perfect and it's great - I think I get the better end of the deal! Today's task for the Relationship Challenge is to

Pick a small home improvement project, like updating your framed photos or reorganizing the bookshelf.

Which is easy to do when you have a house. But we are house sitting, it's not mine to move and I don't want to chance damaging anything. So instead I reminisce on old times past and pull up an old favorite photo!

The photo above is from our last apartment in Calgary, Alberta. We finally got around to decorating the bedroom and that included putting up mirrors and a decorative fan. Kevin got to work and I took advantage of the moment! From way back in 2012. My hair is short and red, my favorite color besides purple!

The photo below is from the same month as the one above, except we are on the Calgary Peace Bridge just after it was built. That bridge has amazing acoustics and a great view of the water. I wanted to show your our faces as you can't really see us in the other photo.

Mr and Me
Mr and Me

Do you and your loved one do home improvements together?

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