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Today we are to

Reenact a favorite date night from your relationship.

You can find one of my favorites here. But that was a one time thing and something we might do for our 20th anniversary, due to the cost! However on February 10, 2010, Kevin and I went to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra for the very first time. We saw “Haydn: the Seasons”. And a direct quote from my journal

It was AMAZING!! I loved it… so much energy and the Director was … well he FELT the music and you felt his emotions. It was great!! We also looked amazing!!

Kevin and I at our first orchestra adventure

We had just moved to Calgary and were so excited to experience some culture!! Since then we have gone a couple of times a year. One of the last time we went, Kevin had bought tickets on a student membership and we got to go throughout the season.

My favorite show out of that season was the Hopak! A Ukrainian Spectacular (Destination) and it was utterly amazing! We have never seen an Orchestra Dance before and it was a wonderful show. Ukrainian dancing is fascinating to watch they just keep spinning and spinning or jumping or kicking or moving! The crazy part is Kevin and I were debating on going as before we got there everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and then when we arrived we discovered our parking lot was full and had to drive around looking for another one.

We found another parking lot and as my twitter post said

Thanks park plus for $2 parking but horrendous pavement. I got a way cheap two bruised bloody knees, one hand and a slightly swollen ankle!

— Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) September 15, 2013

Bruised Knees
Bruised Knees
Mr and I
Mr and I

I have no idea what happened but suddenly I was on the ground and my knees and hand was bloody. Here’s my knees a couple of hours later Once we arrived in the theatre things starting looking up. For example they now allow drinks in the Concert Hall, which means I was able to get a hot water for inside. So I was warm during the show! Major plus for me!! And the girl didn’t charge for my hot water!! We always dress up when we go. I am hoping wherever we end up, there will be a fabulous Orchestra there because it is something I love doing! (the difference between a 2010 selfie and a 2013 selfie!)  

What was your best date? Or most memorable?

Kevin got perfect seats! So excited to finally be at the Orchestra again! pic.twitter.com/31czaYAhw6 — Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) September 13, 2013

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