Wedding Wine

When it comes to drinking Kevin and I like different things. I like the sweet and sugar drinks that taste more like juice than booze and Kevin likes a good rich wine or a dark beer. So when it came to picking out our wedding wine, I just let the caterer choose it. I have no memory if it was good or not. I do know that Karen loved the white wine (she labelled a bottle as her's!) and there were a lot more white wine bottles left over than red. Today's Prompt for the challenge is

Go on a beer, wine or dessert tasting - or purchase new treats to enjoy from home.

Kevin and I
Kevin and I

I haven't felt like experimenting at all lately and going on a beer, wine or dessert tasting hasn't been in the budget. Mostly because we would want to recreate a certain experience. The day Kevin proposed we went to a restaurant called Teatro. Not only did they serve the best wine and ports I have ever had, but they also had the most amazing dessert! And what you need to do is go and read this post, it has all the lovely details about that night! It was an amazing experience!

For our wedding day I have this one picture of Kevin drinking out of the Mr cup and this one of my Gramma and I having a shot.

I did manage to get pretty toasted during the evening, which is why in this post you see my hair looking awesome at the beginning and by the ended it's out and down!

For dessert during our reception I have no pictures. Our photographer ditched early and didn't take pictures of the food or dessert like was promised. It's disappointing because it was good cheesecake!

Have you ever done a wine tasting? Or had a great night out like ours at Teatro?

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