Catch a Sunrise

Kevin and I don't catch many sunrises or sunsets. For sunsets we're usually busy gaming, blogging, reading, visiting or skyping. For sunrises we're generally asleep as those are way too early to wake up for! So I figured it would be an adventure to try to capture today's prompt

Catch a sunrise or sunset

And then the other day we had to be in Calgary for 7:30 in the morning. Because we have such a crazy sleep schedule we didn't bother going to bed the night before, just left the house at 4am. The sunrise was hard to see due to heavy smoke in the air. There have been fires in Washington and it's been blowing the smoke up our way. Making it hard to breathe and difficult to see the sun. But we did manage to get this beautiful view on our drive away.

Do you watch sunrises or sunsets with someone special?

Happy Monday!

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