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I wanted to write this long post about Kevin and I working out together. This summer we have been putting a lot of effort into good habit creation. We started off biking in Calgary and moved on to running. Running is difficult as we different paces, I tend to go all out and slow down close to the end and he is one speed. Eventually we were giving a gym membership and started lifting. I LOVE Lifting!! It has been so much fun! Fun enough that I have not taken a single gym picture. :(

Do something for each other's health, like trying a new dish or workout.

This link takes you to the workout we've followed.

And this is my favorite online yoga.

We have not been able to worked out much in the last four weeks, due to life. First it was 4 days of day trips to Calgary. Then I was out sick for 2 days and I am still feeling the results of that (I don't recommend throwing up 21 times in 24 hours). After that we were housing sitting at a different house and it required a lot of physical work. That said we've been trying to keep up with the healthy eating habits learned during the 21 day challenge. Meals like this are staples in our diet!

We have got creative with our meals and its fabulous!!

What do you do as a couple for your health??

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