Mini Reviews For Our Wedding

Mini Reviews For Our Wedding

Bridal Party Gifts

For the Girls

I met Sherry while looking for a gift for my Mom. Sherry is a representative of South Hill Designs. I got the girls rose, oval shaped necklaces, with a circle plate inside saying Mom and a little girl with their daughters birthstone inside. What I like about these necklaces is they are completely customizable and they can add or take away whatever they want.

For the Guys

Both guys have crazy personalities and as such the only appropriate gift to get them was Cards Against Humanity.


We used Roma Catering for our food. They took care of all the dishes, clean-up, wine service, liquor license. The staff before the event were awesome and wonderful to work with. Particular shout out to Danny, who also gave me free desert to take home after our first visit. We had decided to not do a wedding cake and just have the caterer provide small desserts. The desserts chosen were a huge hit, as was the wine. I could not have asked for a better company to take care of the day.

Cake Topper

My experience with Etsy seller “Cherry Red Topper” was frustrating. Before purchasing she was extremely helpful and very responsive. After purchase, October 9th 2014 and original email sending picture details, I heard nothing back for two months (attempted contact November 8 2014 and December 22 2014). It wasn’t until I created a Twitter conversation with Etsy Help (January 6 2015) and filed complaints that she finally responded. She responded and said my product was in the mail and I then received a shipping confirmation. This was not what we had originally agreed upon. In her purchasing agreement she says she will send you pictures of the artwork before it is finalized so you an approve the product. I never received pictures of what it looked it. I received the topper on January 23 2015. When I opened the package I discovered that the product was inadequately protected and damaged. I am happy with how the product looks, she did a great job matching my pictures to her artwork, it is unfortunate that both laptops were broken. There was no physical damage to the box that it arrived in, so I don’t believe this happened due to shipping. This is easily fixed with appropriate glue, but the frustration with the overall experience has made it hard to leave a pleasant review. The product was also to be 6 inch in circumference but is only four. As we didn't end up with a cake, this didn't negatively affect anything but it does feel like false advertising.

Note: Looks like Cherry Red Toppers has shut down.


Paul Wishart came to our house early one morning and heard all my concerns about the ceremony. He was supportive, objective, taller than both of us and had the right voice. He performed the short ceremony and I am so happy he responded to my email!!

Wedding Dress

My dress was purchased through David's Bridal, see this post for my review.

Bridesmaids Dresses

I explained to Caitlyn and Nicole what I was looking for and Cat found it. I wasn't there for the purchases. Though Cat and I had gone shopping and found one dress at one point. It wasn't quiet what I wanted. So I ended up buying two dresses for the girls. I am so happy with the dresses Cat found! It was perfect for my vision! This dress below was the first dress we found. See the girls actual dresses here!


The Playing Card Factory was discovered via google search. It was done completely online, was simple to use. It shipped fast and I am very happy with how they turned out.


See my post about it here!


We used AM PM Limo Services for our day. Kevin had used them the day he proposed and we enjoyed the ride. Close to Christmas they sent me an email with a discount offering and I happily booked them. Shout out to Kristin who worked hard to help me out when I was so wishy-washy on the times!!


Eileen Patel - Retrospekt Design. Our engagement photos are gorgeous!! I love them so much. You can see them here and here.

The Day Of

Eileen is from Edmonton which is about a 5 hour drive from Calgary. When we agreed on terms, I thought it was understood that our wedding was on February 3 in the middle of winter. So when I got a call the day before saying she couldn't drive in the snow, I was pretty upset. When that call followed up with a request to pick her and the secondary photographer up the morning of the wedding from the bus depot, I put my foot down. Basically saying "I'm paying you a ton of money you better be here." She showed up on time and things progressed. I was frustrated that with the temperatures being in the positive, Eileen refused to do outside photos. I would have loved shots with the bridal party around memorial bridge and that area because it's beautiful. But as it felt like I was inconveniencing her by the request, I stopped bothering. The pictures of the bridal party at Devonian Gardens are disappointing. It's the same shoot over and over. On top of that I would have loved to have had my family in one area and Kevin's in another. With different backgrounds, but that didn't happen either. At the end of the night because we weren't having a dance we had agreed that they would stay until just after dinner. Pictures would be taken throughout dinner, of the food and people enjoying themselves. Instead they left to catch their bus.

Receiving the Pictures

Three months after the wedding, I sent an email, then another one. In the contract it says I will have my images within three months. When I got a response back she informed me she was going on vacation and would get the pictures to me once she was back, my request was for them to be mailed priority shipping. Two weeks later I had my pictures. Thrilled Kevin and I inserted the disk to find it wouldn't work. We drove to the university where we tried three different computers! The disk was empty. I cried. By this point I was so over it. Eileen eventually uploaded the pictures to an online drop box and we got to see them.

Quality of the Pictures

My wedding photos... Drew is blurry in every single one of them, except the getting ready photos. The bridal party is posed in the same spot with slightly different angles and are boring. Certain ones, that I won't be posting them, look like Walmart Special Backgrounds and shots. I am disappointed. I requested Eileen personally deliver my photo-book so I could chat with her about all these issues privately, because I don't like bashing someone on the internet. I received my book in the mail and haven't heard from her since.

The reality of it is that I have pictures of the day. It could be worse. Am I sad and upset? Absolutely. But it is what it is and that's okay.


Special Event Rentals was a great company to work with. They allowed me to change my order as needed and provided excellent customer service. Grace was wonderful and when she was away the rest of the staff helped out with my questions. I would definitely rent from them again!”

That is what I wrote for my review. Special Event Rentals were great to work with. And they had everything I needed. My original order cost was close to $900.00, this was including all dinnerware, lights, backdrop, and runner. I ended up finding most of those things for a lot cheaper by DIY or special purchase or through the caterer. So as I got more planning done and worked out, I ended up only needing a single table and special tablecloth. I didn’t really need that table-cloth. But it honestly it just fit so well! And I am so happy we went with it! Special Event Rentals was awesome when it came to adjusting my order. Everything put together was exactly how I had envisioned it.

Suit Rentals

Moores Clothing doesn't have all the options I would have liked. But in the end, it's basically the only option that was available to us. We rented our suits, the guys looked awesome. Then I had to sew buttons back on while photos were being taken. 

Then it gave Kevin a severe rash around his neck.

And all three guys had swollen feet.

What did Moores have to say, contact our head office and gave me an invalid number.

Thank you Notes

Vista Print We designed them, they printed them. The cut of the paper wasn't quite perfect, but overall they turned out lovely. I am quiet happy with them.


Battlefield Live -Link

This is where we had our pre-wedding celebration. The staff were awesome and I was able to book everything over email. My kind of way of doing things!!

Bridgeland Riverside Community Association - Link

Was the location of our Wedding Ceremony, Reception, and where the girls got ready. I love their modern look, huge windows, and how they allowed me to do whatever I wanted. The only frustration was half-ways through the year their staff changed and suddenly my wedding was no longer booked. It was fixed fast and things continued to move forward. Refund for Damage Deposit took sometime but I was in constant contact with the staff there during the process so I didn't mind. I would definitely recommend them for hosting small to medium-sized events.

Devonian Gardens - Link

We had to pay to get photos at the Gardens. The gardens are lovely and they were great to work with. See photographer section for reason why it didn't work out. I would recommend working with the gardens. However they do not close the park for anything.

And that's it! It is amazing everything you need to do to get a wedding put together!!


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