Board Games

It's interesting to me how every Relationship Challenge has a board game category. It's like no one plays games together anymore. This challenge has a slight twist

Play a favorite board game from your childhood.

Whenever you think board game from childhood does Monopoly not come into your mind?

I use to play Monopoly and now I hate it. I had a friend who always had to be the banker. Always had to win, would not play fairly and if she didn't get certain pieces of land would get so upset it was too much of a pain to continue. Now I love this friend, so I choose not to play it and instead do something else with her. In fact I went for a walk with her and her daughter the other day and got caught in the rain!

Kevin also played monopoly as a child, but he doesn't have any attached memories to it.

When discussing this prompt the game that came to mind was Sorry. Move your pieces around the board and try to get inside your safe zone. I suck at this game as an adult, though the game has been adjusted to add fire and ice. Fire moves you faster and ice sticks you. I really wanted to take pictures of us playing but it looks like that isn't happening this time around, sometimes life is so busy you can't take the pictures you want! Plus we don't actually own this game, at the moment!

When it's just the two of us we stick to games like bananagrams, crib or if we have enough time Powergrid, though usually that's with a group of people.

There is of course one game I hate more than Monopoly. But hate is not even the right word. It was okay when we played the two of us. That changed when we added more people. The game mechanics broke down and it lasted over 8 hours. That game is based on one of our favorite comics, Order of the Stick.

Kevin and I play a lot of board games. It's a huge part of our lives. It can be a great stress reliever or a stress inducer like the one mentioned above. Games challenge your mind and show you how your partner thinks and works.

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