Bookstore Shopping Adventures

When I saw today's prompt

Wander the local bookstore or library for new favorite reads.

My mind went a completely different direction. I read a ton and use to take a ton of book selfies!!

Kevin will go into book stores, but usually its to grab a coffee from Starbucks or to buy me a book! And if we are in together it means we are setting up shop at the coffee shop for a couple of hours of downtime. In fact in all my searching from 2007 to today I could find two pictures of him with books and one of those is me reading it and him gaming!

But the direction my mind went was to the first shopping adventure Kevin and I took when we first moved to Calgary in 2010. Kevin decided he needed a new hat, so off we went to the hat section to try on everything.

Our shopping adventure was a success and we bought this lovely hat. I of course had to try it on!

Do you read with your significant other? Or have a fun shopping adventure to share??

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