Relationship Challenge Weekly Recap

Relationship Challenge Weekly Recap

See Week 1 recap here and Week 2 here. This week was hard. There were two challenges I didn't complete.

Wednesday the 16

Go on a lunch date during the week together.


Today's the 20

Challenge each other in the kitchen by whipping up a meal with what you can find already in the pantry.

We get a lot of opportunity to eat out. And nothing compares to this date night so unless we were going for something special it feels silly to mention it. As for today's, we haven't done much cooking, lately. Besides salad. This is something we use to do a lot of, in fact I have a blog dedicated to all the recipes we have done in the past. But we just haven't felt like it. Food is evil right now, maybe one day I'll write why.

What I did write about was Healthy Living - also having to do with food but more geared towards our working out habits!

I reviewed everything to do with our wedding! This post took forever to write and Kevin kept adding things to it. And while it's not the most blog worthy post, it's information I wanted to remember.

I am having a hard time picking a favorite post this week because Old Memories and Board Games are pretty high up there. Remember the good times is so important to me and those two posts cover that well.

I think though my favorite post was Bookstore Shopping Adventures, mostly because I didn't realize how many book selfies I took! Even after writing that post I still found more images!! I love books so much!

I am really looking forward to this next week and I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which one was your favorite!


Challenge Details

Day 1 - Stare into each other's eyes for at least three minutes.
Day 2 - Go for a walk in an unexplored street in your neighborhood
Day 3 - Have a picnic for dinner. Bad Weather? Set up your blanket indoors!
Day 4 - Leave a special note in their lunch, purse or wallet that they find on the way to work.
Day 5 - Pick a small home improvement project, like updating your framed photos or reorganizing the bookshelf.
Day 6 - Reenact a favorite date night from your relationship.
Day 7 - Send a funny internet meme to make them laugh during the day.
Day 8 - Dance at home to your wedding song or favorite tune.
Day 9 - Go on a beer, wine or dessert tasting - or purchase new treats to enjoy at home.
Day 10 - Surprise each other with a simple gift like a bouquet of roses for her and a bottle of his favorite drink for him.
Day 11 - Hold hands while walking around town together or at home on the couch.
Day 12 - Send 10 compliments throughout the day.
Day 13 - Light candles at night while you're together to add instant romance around the house. Day 14 - Catch a sunrise or sunset.
Day 15 - Do something for each other's health, like trying a new dish or workout. Day 16 - Go on a lunch date during the week together.
Day 17 - Revisit memories in old photos from when you first started dating.
Day 18 - Play a favorite board game from your childhood.
Day 19 - Wander the local bookstore or library for new favorite reads.
Day 20 - Challenge each other in the kitchen by whipping up a meal with what you can find already in the pantry.
Day 21 - Discover a new podcast that you can listen together.
Day 22 - Kiss in the morning and at night.
Day 23 - Drive 30 minutes away from your home and explore a new side of town.
Day 24 - Make a list of your favorite traits of your partner, then share it with them.
Day 25 - Find a local non-profit at which to volunteer for the day.
Day 26 - Find an interesting documentary on Netflix that neither of you have seen.
Day 27 - Celebrate an accomplishment from the week - no matter how big or small.
Day 28 - Make a time capsule of your relationship to open at a later date.
Day 29 - Challenge each other with a new puzzle like crossword or Sudoku.
Day 30 - Go out - without your partner.

P.S. feature image is from 2011 when Kevin and I went to Comicon for the first time. I had clip in pink hair extensions and we had sooo much fun!!

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