Podcasts or YouTube

Podcasts or YouTube

Discover a new podcast that you can listen to together.

I have a difficult time listening to podcasts. I get bored and start to day dream or fall asleep so I don't usually bother. Though I would love to one day be able to run to them, as there are a lot of great ones out there. For now, the closest thing Kevin and I do to a podcast is YouTube.

YouTube is a never ending spiral. Kevin has his own subscriptions that I won't watch and I have the same. Then we have a separate email with Videos we watch together. That is this list.


Man Vs. Pin One of my favorites. Hilarious, good-times! They always try this stuff I see but will never do. Occasionally they make me want to try it because it actually works but usually I'm just happy to have seen it fail. Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh are the creators of the series and also have personal channels that we enjoy.

ASAP Science

We started watching this one and the next one because I tried watching cosmos and was overwhelmed. I was not taught anything of the reality of the world and these guys put it in a fun unique way without overwhelming me. This one in particular is a favorite.

It's Okay To Be Smart

We started watching this one before ASAP Science. He packs so much information into his videos. I love when he links up with other people (especially with female scientists) and Shark Week is always awesome on his channel.

Lastly we have

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I have so many favorite videos from him. I wish we had someone like him in Canada, because I would love to see this information on the Canadian side of things. However as we have been job searching in the states, it's been great seeing how things are. I like his perspective. This is one of my favorite videos and it's relevant in Canada. I also enjoy his videos on Televangelists, Food Waste, Stadiums, Online Harassment and Fashion.

That said we have a trip coming up and I think it would be a good time to listen to a podcast (when I am driving for many hours). Currently on my radar is The Skeptics' Guide 5X5. But if you have a podcast that you love share it below! If you would be interested in seeing what YouTube channels I watch without Kevin let me know!!

Happy Monday!!

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