Kissing in the morning and at night!!

Kissing in the morning and at night!!

After my connection post, I've been kinda stumped at what to post for today's prompt.

Kiss in the morning and at night.

My least favorite type of photo is kissing photos. That's photo's of kissing your other half, your kids, your friends, etc. To be perfectly honest the pictures I posted for the connection post are borderline for me. You got one snap where I'm about to kiss his check and one where he's kissing mine. I feel it's pretty brave of me to post those photos.

We kiss a lot when it's just the two of us. Every time one of us gets up or passes by the other person. At this point it's not even a thought process it just kinda happens. It's when I find myself in a situation when suddenly I feel like I can't do that.

For example when having a friend over whose husband just died and she's in the other room. I don't want her to walk in on us kissing, even if it is just a quick peck. Or when we are around our parents. It's a little strange, I have actually relaxed on this a little because we have been living with his Mom and Dad while waiting for our next life step. But it's been difficult.

There is no logic to the way I tense up. But rather than kissing every morning and night, I would rather ensure we never leave each other's side upset, frustrated or in anger. We are each other's greatest support and to leave each other with those feelings is not only disrespectful but I feel unhealthy. While we have been separated due to work or other situations when in the middle of a discussion a text message exchange always follows to check in and say we are okay.

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What are your thoughts on leaving each other in anger?

Do you make it a conscious habit to kiss every morning and night?

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