Favorite Traits

Today's topic was great for discussion.

Make a list of your favorite traits of your partner, then share it with them.

As neither of us had really thought about it before. A quick google search lead as to some images with traits and we went through a few and came up with this list. 


Honest - he taught me honesty.
Thoughtful - the first gift he got me was a beautiful Tinkerbell belly button ring. I am so sad that I lost it in one of our moves. It was my favorite piece of jewelry! Tall - taller than me in my highest heels so that's the perfect height.
Intelligent - he loves his math.


Honest - point needs to be made that I am honest with him... though I am working on that.
Impulsive - I wanted to move to Calgary and I got a job interview, job and moved us down within a month of making that decision.
Neat - closer to a neat freak! The first thing I usually say when I have people over is "I'm so sorry for the mess" in most case they think I'm insane because they can't find the mess I am talking about. Usually I mean I haven't wiped down the counters or something. I'm strange... it's a good thing :)
Loyal - if you manage to make my list I am yours forever!
Dreamer - I love to dream and then turn those dreams into goals and eventually reality! See Wisconsin in this post.

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