Eat Out With Us!

I'm changing this up a little, last week on the 16th I was supposed to post about "Going on a lunch date during the week together" and at the time I couldn't think of anything! So I shared Mini Wedding Review instead. Talking with Kevin a few days later in a restaurant he came up with the idea of telling you what it's like when we go out to eat! So here that is!

Eat Out With Us!

The first thing you need to know is how fast we eat. We can go into a restaurant, order, drink two or more cups of tea (me) or coffee (him), eat and be done within 30 to 45 minutes. During that time we will have a full conversation and not feel rushed at all. It's crazy awesome how relaxing that 30 minutes can be.

When we started eating out together we did what most couples do. They sit across from each other and stare at their phones. I'm a very cold person and Kevin is a very warm person. So it's taken me many years to convince him it's okay to sit on my side and snuggle. In a booth, I'm against the wall with my legs draped over his lap. Sitting on an angle we usually chat or share articles on our phones until our food comes out. We give each other a little more space once we're eating. It's my favorite part of eating out just the two of us.

Kevin loves breakfast and will take any opportunity to eat eggs, bacon, and hash browns. While I am the exact opposite. I hate eggs unless they are cooked in baked goods (like cookies). So we have an interesting time finding a place that has food for both of us. Especially if we are going for a morning/mid day meal.

Favorite Restaurants in Calgary

Kinjo Sushi & Grill - tempura asparagus, enough said. Eggs Oasis - options for both of us! Vendome Cafe - salted caramel french toast, totally worth the pennies!! Boogies Burgers - deep-fried mac and cheese. Chianti Cafe & Restaurant - off menu spinach salad with salmon. DeVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries - Kevin likes their coffee and I'm all about the macarons! Pie Cloud - Lime pie with ginger bread crust, best desert place. Teatro - for obvious reasons found here! Delhi Darbar East Indian - we usually ordered online but they have the best Indian by far!! Pho Tai Noodle House - deep friend banana with real vanilla ice cream, ammmmazing!! Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen - Monkey Fist are what turned me onto avocado, love love them!! Red's Diner - more breakfast for both of us!

Kevin special note:Nellies also great choice for breakfast but nothing for Angela.

Got some delicious Banana Cream Pie and Lime Pie (with a ginger snap crust) at @pie_cloud #piecloudcalgary #pie (sorry Karen... It's banana cream)

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Favorite Restaurants in Lethbridge

Brown Social House - Seared Tuna Burger, so yum!! Though I have heard bad things about locations outside of lethy... IHOP - a place with breakfast for both of us, weird and yummy!! Saigonese - great noodle and rice dishes! Mocha Cabana - so many great healthy options, plus patio in the winter!

Kevin special note:Denny's is great for breakfast but same as Nellies nothing for Angela. There use to be an amazing Ethiopian Restaurant but they are closed now :(

Now today's Challenge is supposed to be

Find a local non-profit at which to volunteer for the day.

I have spent a lot of years volunteering. I started off at the library, moved to a salon and the a pre-school class. I stopped for a time and then we moved to Calgary were I found Wordfest, then Kidsfest.

Kevin has a different approach - work your ass off and donate money to a deserving organization. We donated money to The Mustard Seed for many years. Mostly because it's hard to find a non-religious organization and they easily took a cheque. They also lay out exactly who and what your money does, something I appreciate. I think going forward we will take another approach, but it was good for the time.

I would love to become a part of a reading development program and go from there. But we will see where life takes us!

There you have it, life as DINKS!

NOTE: all pictures are hip shots from our Vancouver Trip. It was a market Shams took as to, that I can not remember the name too! Great trip, Shams is an amazing host!

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