September Has Come To An End

Today's post is going to be a bit long, bear with me please! Today marks the end of September's 30 Day Relationship Challenge Hosted by ProFlowers. It has been a long month of posting everyday and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Today's challenge is

Go Out Without Your Partner.

I can't do this. Not because I don't want to or because I am not allowed. But because Kevin and I are in the midst of moving countries and spending all our time, in a Uhaul together. That said we do spend time apart and how we spend our time will be changing in the next few weeks. I have casually mentioned a few times about changes happening and I have a full post about that tomorrow! For now here is the last recap on the relationship challenge AND my month goals.


Podcasts, YouTube and Documentaries. Two post about the powerful things we watch. Yes, YouTube can have powerful videos on it!

Kissing and Traits - one important thing to do with your partner and the other is important to have things you like about your partner!!

My personal favorites House Sitting and those Adventures, along with Eating Out. Favorites because they were fun to experience and write about!

We then move on to my last wedding post and the beginnings of new adventures!! Time Capsules and New Online Games!

I would love to know what you think of the Relationship Challenge! See all Relationship related stuff here!!

beautiful yellow flowers
beautiful yellow flowers

September Monthly Goals

For My Blog:

Relationship Challenge - see above!!

Blogging Elite Group

– add social media and post - check – leave 5-10 comments on posts - not everyday but each month I'm getting better – share/pin other’s social media - check

Pinterest – Follow me here!!

– Pin 2-3 posts I have enjoyed - work in progress – Pin my post - check – Repin an old post - check

Instagram – Follow me here!!

– Instagram a photo reflecting my blog post - check – Heart 5-10 photos - check

Weekly Blog Project

all on hold until the Relationship Challenge is over.

For My Health:

Continue with our new-found workout regime - fail Enjoy ourselves this month in the new adventure - check Cut out sugar!!! - getting there

For Kevin and I:

Have fun traveling together - more on this later Take lots of pictures of the journey - not as much as I could have been, more later. and for Me – be patient Complete the 30 Day Relationship Challenge – DONE so awesome see here

For the Brain:

Read 5 books - nope Finish Jesus Feminist - nope Start the Beauty Myth - nope

beautiful red flowers
beautiful red flowers

October Monthly Goals For My Blog:

These goals are the same as last month, click here to see how they work or see above. Blogging Elite Group Pinterest – Follow me here!! Instagram – Follow me here!! Weekly Blog Project – Feminist Journey Project – Search for Understanding – Self Portrait Saturday - Travel Journey/Life Update Post

For My Health:

Work-Out Cut out sugar Mentally Prepare for Hard Stuff

For Kevin and I:

Eat out as little as possible Explore our new world Find a new normal Find a new work-out space Halloween??

For the Brain:

Read - find a book club Research - for blog projects and new area we now live in Take Pictures - explore the new world around me

P.S. I took these flower photos at the place we were house sitting. They had the most amazing garden!!

I mean look at these zucchini's


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