The Wait to Move

Since June I have hinted at changes in our lives. It started off with me sharing my last outfit post from our house in Calgary. While I have a love/hate relationship with the apartment we lived in, it was still a home that we called our own. We moved out June 30 and have been homeless since. For the most part it's been fun, I've accomplished a lot, shared a few stories and took a few walks. I've had to explore the world around me and find new work spaces to work in. We house sat at two different places and I explored the possibility of a puppy, but we are not stable and you can't have a pet in an unstably environment. Then I shared a few dreams.

What I didn't tell you, is that every single location was attached to a job Kevin applied for. On June 13 Kevin was flown out to Wisconsin for an interview and after a month of patiently waiting, August 13 came and Kevin was offered and accepted a job as an

Software Developer.

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Since that date we have visited as many people as possible and finalizing the details to leave!

Details include

  1. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Kevin had tons of paper to fill out. I helped minimally and we are lucky, the company he will be working for takes care of all immigration paperwork, etc. They just send us some forms and we get it done as fast as possible.

  2. Changing my name on my passport. Speedy trip to Calgary, to pay $200 to get my passport rushed and delivered. (my name changed has now cost $1000 to change...)

  3. We met with a lawyer to get POA on our accounts just in case something happens to us.

  4. We met with an accountant to discuss how taxes would work between Canada and the US. Turns out we can just remove residency from Canada without losing citizenship and not have to pay taxes in Canada. This is perfect for anyone who doesn't own property in Canada and is taking everything with them.

  5. Met with ATB Financial to change my name, that has yet to be done. They are having issues.

  6. Met with TD Canada Trust to change my name and open a US account. The name change was easy. The account opening was not. After 4 tries we got it opened, only to have everything mailed to us and not given right away... oh well at least we have an account.

  7. On August 25 we were in a car accident, the car was a write-off meaning it was one less thing to sell before the move but that we both would have to deal with whip-lash injuries in the months to follow. This also meant that we were now car-less and still had errands to run.

  8. We informed the people whose house we were house sitting for that we were leaving. They found a new tenant quickly and we had to be out by the 14th of September. We had high hopes our paperwork would be ready by then and didn't foresee any issues.

  9. Rent Uhaul, which was harder in the sense that we couldn't decide a size. Kevin wanted a 15ft and I wanted a 10ft. After the car accident we've been driving a lot of different vehicles but I still wanted to drive something small. Kevin didn't want to 10ft to be to small and have issues loading it. Both of us made valid points.

There are so many details we didn't foresee, see our Wisconsin Travel Journal for details on the trip!! Have a fabulous Friday!!

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