Mental Health and Emotional Stability

Depending on who you are, you might be more interested in hearing about our Trip Across the Country. But today I want to write about something different. I want to write about Mental Health and Emotional Stability. This past year has brought something out in me that has been new to experience and that is

Social Anxiety, Meltdowns, and Panic Attacks

I don't know why, but lately I can't handle people, I meltdown over the stupidest things and stop breathing aka panic. There doesn't seem to be much reason for it. And then I remember how unstable my life has been this past year.

I hope to take the next few Saturdays and talk about the heavier issues I have been dealing with. It's scary sometimes to admit I don't have it all figure out and it's scary to tell you that the smile you see is not always whats reflected on the inside.

And as much as things have moved forward towards a better future sometimes the stress of that drives me a little crazy.

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