Getting Ready To Move

If you didn't see the post, we are moving from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin, United States. A 23 1/2 hour drive. Welcome to part two! The second we found out we were going, we informed the people we were house sitting. At the time we didn't foresee any issues with our incoming visas so agreed that the 14th would be our last date in their house.

Immigration then informed us that if we wanted to use my married name I would have to change my passport. My passport is brand new, we got it last year when we went to Cuba. So changing it wasn't something I wanted to do, but keeping my old name was not an option. So off to Calgary we drove, to arrive for 7am at the passport office. We paid the $200 fee but were unable to get same day or next day service. So we went back home to Lethbridge for two days and then drove back. That week we ended up driving back and forth four times, it was one hell of a week.

September 14th came and went and no papers were to be heard of. Meaning we couldn't leave. Having given our word to our hosts, we left and moved back in with Kevin's parents. The worst part of this was calling to cancel all the apartment viewings I had booked. Three days later we were told the papers would arrive Monday the 21st.

We spent the weekend in Calgary visiting. Monday evening was spent with Kevin's family but I spent the morning visiting a dear friend, so when the papers arrived I was texted a picture!! The next day we rented the Uhaul and loaded it up. In my last post I mentioned that we were debating between a 10ft and a 15ft size truck. We chose the 10ft and managed to squeeze all our stuff in. It was the perfect fit!

And with that we left!

Pascsl in the UHaul

Pascsl in the UHaul

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