The Beginning Drive

Part 1 of our trip The first part of our journey was from Lethbridge, Medicine Hat (went to BGS Body Shop 'em), Swift Current. It was a quick, boring efficient trip. We arrived safely had no concerns. Got to visit with some amazing friends. Went out for dinner at TNT Restaurant, killed a few spiders and got some sleep.

Day two of our trip was not as peaceful.

First I forgot to set my alarm but for some reason woke up at 5am! We said goodbyes (much to fast) and started driving. For the second part of our journey we were to travel from Swift Current, to Portal and then Valley City.

part 2 of our trip

Before things went weird. We made a requested (HI Mike!) pit stop in Rouleau Saskatchewan the host of Corner Gas the TV Show. There was nowhere to prop my camera but inside the UHaul so that's what we did. It means the photos are to close but the jaunt around the little area was a lot of fun.

From there we went to Estevan and had lunch at a nice little place called Fired Up Grill. We stopped by the bank deposited our Canada cash and got some US and drove out-of-town towards the border.


I was excited to go to portal as one of my favorite video games to watch is called Portal (the cake is a lie!!!). Once we crossed we were going to do the tourist bit at the town sign and carry on our way. That did not happen. We arrived at 2:20pm and we returned to Canada at 4:45pm. Basically we missed the approval date of October 10 on the form. The border guard told us we could only cross within 10 days of the date, so we would have to wait until October 1. This was on September 24, six days too early.

We then had to pass through the border, turn around and get through Canadian Customs. A U-turn would have been easier, instead we spent half hour attempting to get through Canadian Customs, freaking out they won't let us back in! Obviously they did and we ended up spending the night in Estevan (Super 8 hotel, not allergic to the sheets!!), sending out emails and making phone calls to cancel arrangements and figure out what the hell we were gonna do.

All maps are from what should have been our trip.

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Come back Friday where we decide what we are gonna do!! See all posts here!

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