The Re-Written Adventure

The Re-Written Adventure

As a previous banker I am use to saying no to someone and knowing that I am crushing a part of their dreams. It's usually in regards to loaning them money for school or for buying a house. It's not a pleasant job and I am glad I don't do it anymore. It's interesting being on the receiving end of a "no" and having nowhere to go. At this point in our move across the country we are carrying every single thing we own in the back of a 10ft Uhaul. We could drive 8 some hours back to Lethbridge, unload and do it all over again in six days or we could figure something else out.

In the end it came down to money. Driving back, returning the Uhaul, having to rent it again and start over would cost us more than finding a new path and continue driving. So that's exactly what we did. We made the decision to drive out to Thunder Bay until either new paperwork could be received or the 1st came about. Taking this forced time, we are off to explore the rest of Canada. Something neither of us have done before, in previous travels the furthest we have gone is Winnipeg.

So on Friday, we checked out of our Super 8 Hotel (which had yummy waffles for continental breakfast) and began to drive to the first stop on our re-written adventure, Winnipeg!

Estevan to Winnipeg is 5 hour, 7 minutes drive. Until you account for construction and one missed turn (Kevin was on the phone and I didn't see the sign as I was driving!). Of course it takes longer when you include stops. One stop in Melita at the Chicken Chef - food was amazing, but small towns equal big gossipers, who could have tried to be a little more subtle in their gossiping #purplehair.

I also would like to note that in a span of 10 minutes, I ran over a snake and hit a bird. The snake was not upsetting but the bird was.

We also visited Brandon for a good old Starbucks! This is also the place my phone decided to die and deleted at least six pictures :(

For our stay in Winnipeg, Kevin and I decided to branch out and try AirBnB. We stayed with Angie, having never before used AirBnB, I thought I would share my review.

Angie's house was the first place we used AirBnB on. We agreed on a time but due to traffic showed up an hour late. However she was totally fine with that. Finding the house was easy with Google maps and we settled in comfortably for the night. The room was cozier and clean. As was the bathroom. She was okay with us leaving at 7am. Angie recommended an amazing Thai place for dinner. Would stay there again.

Now the Thai place Angie recommended is called Magic Thailand Restaurant.

We devoured this food! It was amazing and I highly recommended going there. It seriously is some of the best Thai we have ever had!!

And after a good night's sleep we took off for a 7 1/2 drive. Come back Monday for more of our adventure!! See the whole journey here!

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