The Winnipeg to Thunder Bay Adventure

The Winnipeg to Thunder Bay Adventure

See the rest of the trip here! Our drive began at 7:27am. Stopped for has at Richer Husky, which was full service. The gal running it turned the gas cap so hard it was a pain to take off the next day.

Then we dropped by Masala Restaurant in Dryden. Dryden has the most interesting street names (Princess Street, Duke Street, etc.). To be honest Kevin and I have eaten such plain food the last few months that anything with spices just tastes amazing, hence the Thai being the most amazing Thai we have ever hard. It was almost the same with this meal. Butter Chicken, a Sweet Raisin Korma and other yummy dishes were devoured by us. Seriously so yummy!!

We completed our drive to Thunder Bay by following, rotating around, and passing the same three semi trucks for the next five hours. The road speed is 90km so it was nice to be surrounded by them as they were all speeding along nicely and I fit right in! Sometimes in front, sometimes between and sometimes behind. I was very relieved to be following them when we hit town because the fog was insane!! I have never seen or driven through fog so intense!

In Thunder Bay we checked in at A&K Motel, who we found through AirBNB

We booked at A&K Motel moments after finalizing our booking with Angie from Winnipeg. Ron was helpful, informative and allowed us to have documents mailed to the hotel room (our papers to get through the border).

Our room was neat and tidy. Exactly what was shown in the pictures. The only thing was that there was a lot of heavy smoke within the room. I actually texted Ron to confirm that it was an non-smoking motel and he said it was. We later figured out that it was most likely the fans in the bathroom air vent and the fan in the room. It was never enough smoke that taking an allergy pill made it breathable.

We did enjoy our stay. The Motel is close to everything we went to and was along the main road, making our drive around town easy.

For dinner we found a Sushi Bowl and tried our first every sushi pizza - which was delicious. (also they give you warm towels to wash your hands before serving your food, strange and awesome)

Sunday, we attempting exploring. We found a restaurant called Madefresh and on our walk over there discovered that the town was doing an Open Streets Event.

after eating my delicious french toast kabobs. We explored the streets.

First thing we saw was a guy with two telescopes, showcasing the spots on the sun. He informed us of the evenings event of the Lunar Eclipse. We did go out later see the eclipse at Hillcrest Park. The event turned out to be very busy (some many people) and by the time we found parking and walked to the park there was a ton of cloud cover, so no pictures of the eclipse from me (plus I didn't have a tripod so everything was shaky cam!). We did listen to one guy talk about the stars and his telescope for a bit (he was very entertaining). But in the end we ended up leaving a few moments before the rain hit.Another place we discover was Northern Women's Bookstore, we found on our walk through the festival. We walked through the door and the first thing I saw was a wall of Feminist books, a wall of Aboriginal authors and a wall of Canadian Female authors. This book store was amazing and it's unfortunate how little money I could spend. I seriously would have bought everything up if I could have. What I didn't know then was the woman who rung me through was Margaret Phillips

(info from their website)

And once again I wish I had been brave enough to venture a conversation. Maybe one day I'll be informed enough, allowing me to be brave enough to talk with book store people and literary figures.

Have a Beautiful Day, come back Monday for our last day in Thunder Bay!

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