Feminist Journey: Jesus Feminist Chapter 5

Feminist Journey: Jesus Feminist Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Dancing Warriors

Scripture Quoted In This Chapter

Jezebel mentions -1 and 2 Kings and Revelation Ephesians 5:23-28 Genesis 2:18, 20 Exodus 18:4 Deuteronomy 33:7, 26, 29 Psalm 20:2, 33:20, 70:5, 89:19, 115:9-11, 121:1-2, 124:8, 146:5 Hosea 13:9 Philippians 2:5-8 Matthew 18:1 Mark 10:44 Philippians 2:3-9

God called the first woman Ezer - a name he embraces himself throughout the Old Testament.

Ezer kenegdo actually means man’s perfect match

In this chapter she is claiming that God created woman to be mans perfect match but in the previous chapter woman was created with less knowledge and Adam is supposed to teach her because he is a few hours older.

In the old testament, the word ezer appears twenty-one times in three different contexts: the creation of woman, when Israel applied for military aid, and in reference to God as Israel’s helper for military purposes (in this context, ezer appears sixteen times).

His life will change for the better because of what she contributes to his life. Together they will daily prove in countless and surprising ways that two is always better than one”

Yes two is always better than one but that goes both ways her life should also be changed for the better because of what he contributes to his life and it’s more than being “the head of the family”

The Trinity “works” by never-ending giving to each other and the receiving of the other out of each other. It’s a procession of togetherness in the blur of oneness.

Sometimes he leads; sometimes I lead.

Word Definitions:

Ezer - It is hard to find a true definition of this word. Version 1, and Version 2. Consensus leans toward “help-meet”

Kenegdo - no definition to be found on it’s own. It is added to Ezer and means “help-meet” as well.

Perichoresis - describes the relationship between each person of the Triune* God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The word circumcision (later circumcision) is also used to mean the same idea.

Discussion Questions and My Answers

How do you interpret the Bible’s call for mutual submission in marriage? Could you walk out the dance of “none but Jesus” in your home? Mutual Submission is interesting. I think I out right dislike the word submission and have a hard time reconciling that fact. However a mutual submission between parts is something I do agree with. Something’s gotta give, the hard part is ensuring that one person’s personality is not smothered by the other persons will. As to the last question, sure Kevin and I ‘dance’ similar to the one she as described. But there is definitely no Jesus involved. Our relationship is for us and no one else’s will comes into that.

Have you ever felt like a warrior alongside men in the Kingdom of God? If so, tell that story! If not, try on the armor - how does it feel? Try on the armor of God… I have and I felt like a fraud. But I don’t know if it was me or the crowd I was with. Or the pressures I felt from home. I don’t have a particular story in mind. I just know that from about 14 years on that armor chaffed heavily. My realization of that now is that I was after the wrong leader and not my heart.

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