Finding a Place to Live

The most stressful part of moving to Wisconsin was the question of where to live. Having had to cancel and reset up appointments so many times before, I was really starting to worry that we wouldn't find something until November. On October 1st, we got up early and I started making calls. I booked us 4 apartment viewings and off we went. My list of needs for an apartment - South Facing - In-suite Laundry - Dishwasher - Patio

The First Place

Was a nice spacious two bedroom. You walked in and climb a flight of stairs into the living room with fireplace and patio. There was a kitchen with a cut out window like our old place, with washer and dryer. The kitchen also had a built-in cutting board. It was nice, but as there was much in the surrounding area, we would need two vehicles. Also north facing... no sunshine.

The Second Place

Was a lofted one bedroom. It had tons of lighting, vaulted ceilings. The kitchen was small but workable. The bedroom is technically open to the room below, which would make things interesting if we had guests. It was also coin laundry.

This was also the place we discovered Wisconsin has laws about BBQ's and Patios. They aren't allowed, too many fires have happened.

The Third Place

Was recommended by the Second Place and we headed over there. It was a two bedroom, half facing the direction we wanted. But what closed this apartment for us, was the coin laundry. Kevin's comment was something along "Having to buy me a taser to do laundry", however the lady showing us the place lend us to #4.

The Fourth Place

Is on the top floor, in the corner facing south. Has vaulted ceilings, fireplace, patio (faces more southwest), two bedrooms (master bedroom faces more southeast), two bathroom, laundry room. Brand new counter tops and appliances in the kitchen. Is carpeted, bedrooms have ceiling fans and there's lighting in the living room. Other bonuses include on site gym, underground parking, a pool, and club house. There is also a grocery store across the street and there is a Shuttle Bus to Kevin's work a block and a half away.

We cancelled the rest of our appointments for the day because #4 was awesome and the other apartments, after a recheck with google maps were to far out of our way.

The Fifth Place

Is 7 minute bike ride for Kevin to get to work and you can't beat that! The apartment itself had two bedrooms, kitchen island, brand new carpet and was two hundred cheaper than #4. It is ground floor and facing north. While it's close to Kevin's work there is nothing else close by. No stores, gyms, coffee shops.

Choosing an Apartment

When it came right down to it, there wasn't much thinking in the decision process for us. #4 was perfect! And while it's a little pricier than I would have originally liked, this is a home Kevin and I could picture us still living in, in five years.

We did our rental application on Thursday and had keys Friday at 5pm! We finished moving in all our stuff by 9 that night!!

After 3 and a half months we have a home!!!

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