Thank You

The stress of not having a home was intense. The knowledge that knowing no matter what happened we would be alright was awesome. I am so thankful for the amazing people who supported Kevin and I, these last few months while we bummed around trying to find a direction. I hope we didn't cause too much stress! And I really miss you guys! This post is for me and for them - all my favorite photos from the summer.

What we did this summer

Calgary Zoo with Gurjit and the boys Drinking with Amanda and Dean - and having amazing conversations Campfires with Karen and Mike Games with Nicole and Drew Quick lunches with Caitlyn Short Breakfasts with Jeremy and Jenn Gym Work Outs Dog Sitting Babysitting Sam Breakfast with Donna-Lynn and her adorable children Dog Shows Dinners with Gramma, Grandpa and Uncle Gary Meeting up with Shena Cards with Wilf and Colleen Taking apart the pinball machine Watching the drone crash Adult Sleepovers (nothing crazy, just good old drinking and gaming) Coffee's with Jillian Baking a smash birthday cake for Audrey Audrey and Sam's birthday parties Splash Park Getting caught in the rain with Sam, Elizabeth and Ava Having Daphne, Dan, and Tim over 21 Day Challenge Wally's Beach Going for Chinese with Corrie and Ricky Family Camping Trip Going away parties and so much more!