Interesting Things About the States So Far

*Some things might be due to the state we live in Learning to explore a new town is always interesting, but when moving to a different country, things can change drastically. I am having to learning Fahrenheit, Miles and so much more! While it's been a few weeks, here's my of list of interesting encounters so far.

Unique Grocery Stores

Metcalfe's, Williamson Street Grocery, Hyvee, Copps.

All these interesting stores and I still can't find sushi grad salmon :(

I loved Williamson, but it will be very hard to get to them once I lose the rental car. So I will probably stick to Copps for now. Seeing booze inside a grocery store is very interesting, but what's weird is that they won't sell it to you after 9pm. Oh and there's one called Woodman's Food, can not wait to go there!

Unique Prices and Items

Milk for $2 and no recycling fees

Aloe Vera Plants for $5. I will get one!!

Candy - lets take "Smarties" for a second here. These are not smarties, click here to see real smarties. This candy is called Rockets and I miss really smarties. Garden skittles, sounds most interesting and Mint M&M's! I hate ruining the originals but these will be most tries eventually. (share if you have any interesting candies this Canadian should look for!)

Missing Items

Carnation Hot Chocolate

Robinson Flour

Breakfast Sausage

Baking Powder


It took five stores, but I did manage to finally find someone who sells my brand of toothpaste

What they do have however, is alcoholic Root Beer (though this brand is terrible) and Cookies and Cream Cookie Dough that's edible (no eggs)!!

Friendly People

Enterprise, I spent half hour at the rent-a-car place, not renting a car that was already done but chatting with 6 of the staff members. Me chatting... I don't do that!

The Apartment building staff. I know it's their job to humor me but they are super nice. I've gotten new appliances (stove, fridge, dishwasher and microwave), they installed our water system (which then caused a leak so they un-installed it too) and they clean up after themselves. Something that never happened in our old building.

Restaurant staff, grits here means something close to cream of wheat, which while disgusting was an interesting conversation with the waitress to figure out what it was. Also sausages tend to be round here and have more pepper.

Now friendly is great and all until you have an issue. The company we got our internet through, is a current frustration. The guy just choose a spot in our house, connected it and left. Then his supervisor showed up to check his work. Then I got a courtesy call to rate this first guys work, then a second call to rate the second guys work. I've also been spammed with courtesy rating emails and more since we signed up and it's barely been a week and a half. Then we moved the TV, including the modem and guess what, the internet is only connected through that one damn spot in the house and can't been moved anywhere else without a service guy coming back into my house and charging ME another $30 to $60. The guys were nice talking but they would not waive that fee. Result - hard wire the line ourselves.

Also call centers. I miss Canadian Call centers, or maybe it's just Alberta. But either way I never, ever had to talk to a computer system for 20 minutes just to finally get to a person. What a frustration.

Unique Laws

Recycling, no recycling fees, but they still recycle and not just bottles, but paper, plastic and aluminium. Actually there's a list.

No photo radar. There is still red light cameras. But the only time you will get a speeding ticket is if a cop physically pulls you over and writes you one.

Also roundabouts...

Interesting Apartment Features

In every single apartment we looked at there was a garburator. Never had one and they are amazing! No more smelly garbage. Except it does not do plum pits or corn husks.

Air conditioning and under ground parking are also common features.

Community Involvement

From huge Farmer's Markets to Samaritans Law.

Football insanity! This was a huge shock, seeing all the fans dressed up and taking over downtown. Even when the Flames were winning the Stanely Cup I don't think it was ever close to what this one game day was like. And while I will never be into sports it is most fascinating to watch!

So far this area seems like a good place to live. And I am so excited to explore it! First up of course was my patio with this amazing brick!!

Things I still need to do

Go to the DMV, for our new driver's licenses.

Explore my neighborhood, before it gets cold.

Visit Kevin's work!

And so much more! XOXO

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