Self Portrait Saturday - A Little Deeper

Self Portrait Saturday - A Little Deeper

You might have noticed something a little different on the blog recently. I have done self portraits for years. In the last 6, I've blogged those portraits (I should go back and find my old favorites). But now it's time to take it to the next level. I want to work on my photography "skills" and start sharing things I have written/felt over the past year. What a better way to do that the combine the two together. You have seen the start of this new direction with this post and it's been building from there.

Self Portrait Saturday - A Little Deeper

is taking your soul and baring it in a safe environment.

In my particular case I am fine with putting my picture out there. Sharing my images are a great way for me to build confidence in myself. A few weeks ago the Lovely Jo from F.O.O.L Fun Out of Life reached out to me about guest posting as part of my story journey. With my contact with her I realized that others might have stories to share as well.

If you have a story you would like to write and share, something you can't just share anywhere else, this space is for you. I just ask one favor while you are baring your soul, if you can take a picture of a physical piece to include. Anonymity is the key here, so it can be as simple as a finger tip, with a white background or a simple scar. A small piece of your physical self you are proud of or hurt by.

But this isn't just about guest posting. If that's beyond what you are ready to do, I still want to get to know you and read your story. Sometimes it's nice knowing your not alone in the world. Please reach out, I'd love to hear from youSide View of Me

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