The Rant

Someone a couple of days got upset that I was taking so long to post details about our move and new home. I just wanted to take a moment to say "HI" to that person and "whatevs" included with an eye roll. Kevin and I moved down with a 10 foot Uhaul Truck. The furniture that truck held included the following 1. Kitchen Table and 4 Chairs 2. Queen Size Bed, Mattress and End Tables 3. Dresser and Tall Chest of drawers 4. Hope Chest 5. Freezer 6. Outdoor bench

The rest of the truck was filled to the rim with my book collection (I'm over two hundred now and that's a lot of boxes), board games (we're over 50 board games, I am pretty sure), kitchen necessities and electronics. AKA the important things in life to us. This means that when we moved in, there was NOTHING to set up and 80% couldn't be unpacked.

Our bed lost 2 main screws during the trip, which meant mattress on the floor for a month while we waited for new ones to arrive. My precious books didn't get pulled out because being in boxes is better than spread out on the floor! And then there's just the process. We want to be here for many years. The furniture that we buy now, I want to last 20 years. So it must be excellent quality and to our style. That means no rush decisions,

Oh and we moved to a new country and there is no such thing as

The Brick or Leons or Ikea (it's two hours away)

There's no Safeway (where to buy food now!!). I can't find my brand of toothpaste, hot chocolate or milk #firstworldproblems

It's gonna take time and energy to find new places to shop, explore brands and discover what we want. So thank you lovely person for letting me rant, it felt good!

And if you are from the States and have ideas on where to find anything LET ME KNOW!!

For now I leave you with this picture of a mirror I bought for my bedroom!

Bedroom Mirror


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