Jesus Feminist: The End

Jesus Feminist: The End
Once you taste Love, you are ruined for the empty shells of religious performance and conditions, like going back to fast food after a home cooked meal eaten after a good day's work. - Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey Chapter 7

After months of trying to force my way through this book, I've decided I'm done. I tried to make this a project with someone else and they weren't able to do it. We have too different of opinions. I think Sarah Bessey has written a great book that will help female Christians continue under the blanket of religion. She has helped them feel that by submitting to this power everything is justified and right.

And some people might be okay living blindly like that. I am not. I wanted to understand that perspective and I can't do that either. The interesting thing about the quote shared above, is it's true. At first without religion you feel lost, like your missing something. And then you realize you are free.

I wrote this the other night

It has taken me many years to realize that the guilt I feel is not my guilt but the guilt of others.

I have found love in myself.

I have found strength in myself.

Religion is suppressor of women's rights and human equality. It does very little good.

My future plan is to read and review feminist reads. But not take it chapter by chapter. It'll depend on my mood and how much I feel the need to write. But the Jesus Feminist Project is complete.

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